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I have just been using water and cotton wool for cleaning nappy and bathing baby and just a tiny blob of shampoo as recommended by the midwife but I was just wondering when it is ok to start using baby wipes and all the other baby lotions and stuff I have been bought as gifts? Are any of you using them yet? or when do you plan to use them?


  • Hi hun
    I am the same as you as in using just water. I haven't even used shamppo yet as water is cleaning his hair fine at the minute.
    I am not sure on a time when you should start using products but I am going to wait until he is at least 8 weeks old image
    I suppose at the end of the day it is entirely up to you.
    Some people even use them as soon as they are born x
  • I must admit I've been naughty and using wipes on Ryan since he was born, neither me or OH have any issues with sensitive skin and touch wood Ryans not had any problems. We've been using pampers sensitive, simple and my favourite huggies pure wipes (they say as gentle as water) which are nice and thick and ??1 a pack at boots at the moment. Just been using water for washes, tiny blob of simple shampoo on his hair after the first 2 weeks and olive oil for dry skin x
  • Hi,
    I'm using a mixture. I use wipes when we're out for ease, and also at night as she gets grumpy being changed so I try to do it as quick as possible to get her off to sleep again with minimal fuss! And the rest of the time I use just water on cotton wool to clean her.
    For her bath, I use one squirt of a sensitive baby bath in the water. It's the same as they used in the hospital and we went to buy it special from the chemist's on the way home. I also use oilive oil on dry skin and some nappy cream on her bum and bits when we change her as she was a bit red.

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  • Oh yeah, we use sudocrem if his bums looking a bit red, otherwise just Vaseline to keep him protected and not dry his skin out x
  • I've been using a combination of cotton wool and water and wipes - I find cotton wool much easier when she's done a pooey nappy I have to say but wipes are quick if she's just had a wee and I imagine much easier when we venture out on our first outing image

    We're not using any baby shampoo/washes until she's at least 4 weeks old - midwife and health visitor both said best for now to avoid her dry skin getting worse and also said to only bath every 3 days for now as she's not dirty and her skin needs the natural oils that washing too often will strip from her.


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