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Isn't it amazing?

Isn't it amazing to be a baby? I love how excited she gets every morning, kicking her legs and breathing fast when we leave the nursery because its just so damn exciting hehe. We always have to pause on the landing to stare at wonderment at the ceiling light. Who knew feet were so interesting? Or that a piece of muslin cloth can be entertaining for hours?? I don't think anyone has or ever will be as excited to see me as she is every time i disappear from her eyeline. I think its sad that we lose that simple joy in things as we get older but, my goodness, i am enjoying reliving it through her eyes image xx


  • I know what you mean! I love the huge smile I get when I go in to her room in the morning. The kicking of her legs in excitment when I undo the sleeping bag. How she cranes her neck to look at the plant on the landing window sill for as long as possible when we're going up and down the stairs, how funny it is to grap daddy's glasses, the look of excitment on her face when we open the front door in the evening and daddy is there, it's great!
  • I know exactly what you mean, those smiles and giggles just from peekaboo......
    Gazing in wonder at everything, and smiling at everyone when we go out in the pushchair!!!

    Hubby and I were only saying last night how we can't wait to make dens and ride bikes with freddie!!!!!! We are still pretty childish x x x
  • Is is lovely that you know your giving them so much joy by simple things like giving them some food or smiling at them. i love the fact he can communicate in that way now so i know he is happy image
  • Aww, this is great because it says exactly what I've been thinking lately. I'm just not as eloquent as you, PP!
    In fact, I had it on my FB status a while back "Learning to laugh again at the simple things in life thanks to Corynn" image
    Although me and OH are as daft as brushes so I don't know who enjoys playtime more....
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