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yoghurts or not??

Hi ladies soem of you will know that Emily is now having solids which we started at 16 weeks. She loves all food and we have tried loads of various fruit and veg but I was just wondering at what age can they havve yoghurts I seem to be getting conflicting advice from people some say you should only give fruit and veg till 6 months and then introduce things after that age, so I was just wondering if any of you are or planning on giving yoghurt before 6 months?

Happywife and Emily


  • I spoke to my health visitor today as I wasn't sure either. She said it was fine.
    You can get them in the jars (like Leo tonight had apple and banana swirl from cow and gate) or muller little stars or petit flous bothsay suitable for weaning. I think you get a 20% voucher for early learning centre with muller little stars at moment
  • Hi hun thanks for the reply. Isn't it funny the conflicting advice we get I went to baby clinic this afternoon and asked the community nursery nurse who works there and she told me that I shouldn't give them before 6 months but then she does also give me the babies should be breastfeed till 6 month speech everytime I see her. I bought some mullerstars this afternoon and I'm going to try her with some tomorrow. I think its another case of Mummy knows best!
  • yea, i think petit filous ones even say that they are suitable from 4months. im planning on using them for breakfast, archie has always been a pain at breakfast time so im hoping to get them both having a yoghurt, some pieces of fruit and maybe a rusk for breakfast once phoebe starts on solids...xx
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