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hospital bag thread?



  • I'll have to try again at the weekend! Wish they had an online shop, the primark nearest me is in Oxford city center and is such a hassle to get to!

  • i dont have a primark.. sucks!! those dresses sound ideal. hopefully the weather will be nice enough for them in may! image
  • I will be packing my hospital bag this weekend!! Sounds really early but since I had ds at 30 weeks I don't want to get caught out again!

    Will def be packing couple of nighties for birth, slipper socks, hair bobbles, choc bars and snacks - this was all I had last time! Hubby had to get the rest as an emergency!!! I have to say I felt really cold on the post labour ward and had to ask for an extra blanket so I will take a dressing gown this time.

    Thanks for the lists - really useful for me as I didn't get time to think and prepare last time!
  • mowani, 30 weeks! imageimage

    i guess we never know when they are going to come!!

    *starts packing bag* :lol:
  • I know!!! With no indication whatsoever... talk about unprepared! So ladies... please pack your bags early... otherwise you will have to write your stressed out oh an emergency list and send him off to Mothercare where you'll be lucky if he comes back with anything in the right size image
  • Mowani you have made me realise the strange looks hubby gave me when I got my hospital bag out recently were quite un-neccessary!

    He would be giving even more strange looks out if I was on my way to hospital with only the clothes on my back!

    I would love to see what he would bring for the baby - he really is clueless when it comes to dressing Lily! He would probably bring her vests & sleepsuits instead of his!

    I'm slowly washing bits & bobs & putting them in the case so i'm defo on with it!

    Lucyah - I literally do not know how you live without a Primarni!!!!
  • sorry to g/c and this is probably slightly o/t however as you are all preparing your bags etc - theres one thing i didnt consider and now wish i had (my ds was born in Nov 10). Like a lot of women i had intended to breastfeed however when my son was born it wasnt an option - i hadnt even looked into the different brands of formula so when the midwife asked what he was to have i just chose a brand at random. if you have a spare 15 mins i would definitely look into the brands as some do get better feedback re wind/digestion etc and its something worth deciding on before labour just in case you can't breastfeed x
  • haha golden girl- its hard but i manage with peacocks and matalan.. :roll:

    when i get a chance to get over to the "mainland" i hit primark everytime, end up travelling back with those crap paper bags that always split and spill your cheap goods all over the place! :lol:
  • oh great thread,can I add 3 things

    hand gel I bought the small size and I will keep it by the side of my bed, I know the hospital have them all over the place But I like my own

    Liquid iron, I carnt swollow tablets and my iron levels were very low last time

    Three piece pj set, as someone said the wards can be very hot so a dressing gown is to heavy but I really like a cover up when walking around so you can get tops thats go over/match your pjs!!image
  • Lucyah - where do you live??? I have visions of you setting out from your own little island in a rowing boat with the waves lapping at your legs & the hubby waiving you off!!
  • Yes Lucyah - where do you live - that made me chuckle too GG! Do you live on the IOW???

    You all think you're being prepared too early - my dh thinks I'm nuts I just ordered some things for my hospital bag and I'm only 23+5! It was after my friend told me she had her first baby at 25wks and her second at 28 wks - I thought well best start doing something then!

    I ordered 2 nighties with buttons down the front - not sexy but not too bad either - i've seen worse! Some slippers and a light dressing gown to go over along with some sleep bras - supposed to be more comfy than mat. bras - and also some rather HUGE, very unsexy knickers - of which I have not seen much worse!!! I have prewarned dh about them!

    Something I thought of the other day is, and I may not even use it but would rather have it handy, my hairdryer! I'm also going to take my own pillow as after my CS I may be in a few days and don't want neck ache from the hospitals rubbishy pillows!
  • ha! just as a warning my mum works at a hospital in the maternity building and she had to comfort a brow beaten husband who had a rolicking. His wife had baby early and no hospital bag and she asked him to bring her some clothes to go home in and the silly sod bought her leopard print thongs and vest top and a skirt (both not maternity). This is why I am having a series of bags with instructions pinned to them because my hubby would so do the same!

  • bahahahahaha, rowing boat! that would be cheaper!!! yeh im on the isle of wight (isle of delight!) we are so deprived with no primark! :lol:

    im starting my hospital bag tomorrow after this thread! :lol:
  • I love the isle of Wight! We went there last summer on holiday, was lovely!

  • I was born on the IOW, my dad delivered me!!!! We were living in Sandown at the time, Mum and Dad had a B&B! Nice guess work don't you think image
  • aww bobs a caulkhead! image i live in shanklin!

    Born in May meet-up on the island- yayy!! :lol:
  • thought this could maybe do with a bump!

    i am going to shop for all my bits and bobs tonight... even though it was me who asked in a panic... it's amazing how time runs away from you!

  • My bag has been half packed for weeks now, just cant seem to get it finished ! I'm sure i'll go into labour and end up dashing round like a loony trying to finish it before heading to hospital !
  • I've just started mine this week, washed a few babygrows and today bought some seriously granny style nighties and BIG pants in M&S!! Nice image
  • Mines done, just not packed, and havent yet sorted few things for hubby but then guess he big enough and aint done a fat lot so he can get his own clean knickers and t shirt if he wants a change :-. Im gonna pack now ive finished work image xx
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