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hospital bag thread?

Hi Ladies

starting to think it's about time i got mine and babies bags organised for the hospital.

Have we had a thread on this? If not can you lovely ladies that have past experience enlighten me as to what you would say are essentials and what are optionals....

Both for baby and me.... also quanities etc.... I am pretty much clueless




  • Oooh although not packing I have my case under my bed & keep throwing bits in.

    I had a natural delivery & stayed in hospital 17 hours so that amounts may differ for c-section etc...Also I bottle fed (they supply all the stuff) so i'm sure theres extra stuff breastfeeders would add.


    3 x vests

    scratch mitts


    going home outfit


    small pack newborn nappies size 1 (I got through quite a few!)

    Cotton wool balls

    a few scented nappy bags

    baby shampoo (to get ick out of hair, water only didn't work!)

    3 x sleepsuits

    handful bibs/muslins

    car seat

    soft brush


    2 x loose nighties (birth & after)

    light dressing gown

    socks (feet got cold in labour!)

    bottles of water & energy drinks (your lips get so dry)

    lip salve (see above!)


    maternity pads

    breast pads (although I didn't need these till day 5!)

    going home clothes & undies

    disposable nik niks

    snacks (i didn't get fed after birth cos 12am & i was starving!)


    birthing ball

    hospital notes

    hairbrush, shampoo, body wash, deoderant, face wipes, bobbles.


    small bag of make-up (yes i took it and yes I wore it the next day, I knew they wouldn't discharge me if I looked like death & it worked!!!)


    phone charger (I sneakily plugged mine in tsk!)

    The things that were a waste of time were magazines & nail clippers for baby. I didn't realise but it takes a least a week for the nail to seperate from the bed even though it looks like they have & I clipped what I thought were her nails but she had scabs on each finger the next day - s**t!)

    It's great that you've started this list cos I found it so useful last time & i'm sure I will have forgot stuff.
  • No - no food. The week before I gave birth I was taken in with a high temperature & had to be kept in for monitoring. I literally had to beg for a slice of toast & it took over an hour to arrive! That was at 10pm!

    Luckily after the birth my mum remembered she had some sausage rolls in the car & I ate 3 large ones!!! I also really remember wanting a big diet coke (lol the midwife said no!!)

    The breakfast was hardly worth getting excited about either - one of those boxes of rice crispies that would feed a 2 year old & a bread roll I think most airlines would refuse to serve!

    I think my hopsital bag will resemble a tuck shop this time lol!
  • Just as a heads up if ur not planning to breastfeed not all hospitals will supply formula etc anymore. I know my local one doesn't on account of promoting breastfeeding. As a peer supporter I think it's fab! Gives women a chance to have a go before they make the decision either way.

    With ds I was in hosp for a while so took in a few vests and baby grows but none fit him so take some in all sizes, from early/tiny baby, newborn and 0-3 months. We only took newborn and as he was small none fit, even tiny baby clothes were a bit big lol xxx
  • my god, is it really time to start thinking about this. will probably start packing mine in about 4-6 weeks-ish

    Me and hubby were talking last night and have both realised its only 2 and half months to go! and with how busy we will be its gonna fly by.

  • Hate to disagree with jojo149 but I think it's cak that some hospitals don't provide formula/bottles to promote breastfeeding - make you feel like you have no choice more like!!

    I could understand them not providing it due to cost but if my hospital didn't provide formula i'd just take my own.

    No ones pushing me into doing it if I don't want to.

    Anyway best shut up now cos a) I have hijacked the thread & b) i'm going to cause a mummy riot!!!

  • Eeek... I'm not packing but like golden girl am throwing afew things into a bag as and when.

    Think i'm going to pack two bags one for a quick in and out job (fingers crossed!) and one to stay in the car if i have to stay longer.

    So far I have,

    hair bobbles and soft headband.

    wet wipes and flannel.

    cheap nigthdress (although was told hospital provide gown so i might just use that instead of getting my stuff dirty).

    Sleep/nursing bra *2.

    Toiletry kit and hairbrush

    2 pair of pjs bottoms and 4 tops

    4 small cartons of ready made milk incase i can't breastfeed and bottles etc.

    slipper socks

    6 nappies, hat, scratch mitts, booties, 3 vests, 2 sleepsuits and 2 blankets and cardigan for bubs.

    Need to add.

    Breast pads, maternity pads

    Pillow because was told that the room might not have enough and one for hubby incase we are waiting along time

    Ipod and charger and phone charger


    Notes/birth plan

    Kindle fully charged and loaded with new books

    straws and bottled water

    Tuc biscuits or something to snack on...stuff for hubby too.

    2 old towels, 1 large, 1small.

    cooling spray and fan

    Thats my list but will add anything i see extra.

  • I was lying in bed thinking how i must start getting stuff together for my bag but frankly, I just cant be bothered !

    I need to go and buy so much stuff for it (pj's, bras etc) that it seems like too much hard work :lol: I still need to wash all peanuts stuff after its been sat in a bin bag for nearly 2 years.

    Hrumph, someone wanna come do it for me ! I was so excited to do the bags when pg before, this time ..............ho hum !
  • I've been picking bits and bobs up as I see them, last weekend primark had some of their lovely (!) huge T-shirt nighties reduced to 50p so got 3 of those for labour. But still need to get everything else.

    I'm thinking of taking my little netbook in this time so I can watch films etc on it. You might think surely there wont be time but if your induced there can be a loooooot of waiting around so its good to have something in there to take your mind off it!

    I only packed two pairs of pj's last time and my waters went in one pair and the other pair were light green and I bled through them (sorry tmi!)! Going to take in 3 DARK pairs this time!

    Disposable knickers are rubbish, primark sell 5 pairs of huge granny knickers for ??2, so much better!

  • i just want to add ENERGY DRINKS! i had the orange-juice type lucozade, got through 4 bottles during labour, that gas and air really does dry your mouth out! make sure they are sports top too!!

    pickles, granny knickers and granny nighties all the way!!! :lol:
  • I'm avoiding this thread at the moment! Way too scarey! We still have ages left, at least that's what i'm trying to convince myself! :lol:
  • Haha I know Lucy...we'll be sex on legs image

  • golden girl- just properly read ur post and its nice to know i wasnt the only one who urm.. snipped fingers! i cried for hours!! :lol:
  • I don't wanna start the whole breast vs bottle debate, it is of course a personal choice. From a personal perspective, which I admit is biased, if a mummy goes into hosp knowing they are going to bottle feed then they of course will take their own choice of formula and bottles which suits them, but for those mummies who are totally undecided it gives them the chance to try breastfeeding and then make their decision as it is very hard although not impossible to change back to breastfeeding once bottle feeding has been established. I do think it is mainly a cost thing tho as previously they have tried to cater for all and had to have numerous makes of formula available. As I said how each mummy chooses to feed their baby is a personal choice, they still have that choice. Neither are wrong choices as long as mummy feels they have made the right decision then who is to say whether that decision is right or wrong??! I for one will never condem a mother who is doing the best 4 their baby xxx
  • golden girl - look what uve done! :lol:

    my hospital provides forumla, and im sure if needs be hubby would go to the shops to get some! i plan to breastfeed but who knows if bubba will co-operate!!

    i cant be bothered with the "breast or bottle" debate, id just like to stick with the topic in hand and get back to writing my list, which now almost fills a sheet of a4- whoops!! :lol:

    ive added a photo of dd1.. to put on my bedside and to keep my spirits high knowing ill be bringing her little sister into the world image
  • I think that's a fab idea!! Defo putting a pic of ds in my bag now. Xxx
  • i think also when dd comes to visit she will see her picture and know ive been thinking about her image
  • Sorry guys (esp jojo) I may have been a bit grumpy yesterday!!

    I know you wern't trying to say breast is best, I just felt hospitals should be supportive to mums either way.

    I had some iffy comments off a 'friend' last time about my choices & I guess I am a bit oversenstive on this issue!

    Anyway, Lucyah I snipped DD's fingers whilst I was waiting for my visitors & I shoved mitts on so they wouldn't notice the scabs - she never cried at the time so I didn't know I was doing anything wrong - they need to tell you this stuff!!!

  • The lists look good girls! I was going to say straws / sports bottles as you get so thirsty - I didn't even have gas & air but I remember at the end begging for a drink but as I was lying down pushing I couldn't sip it & i was literally parched. My mum was frantically running around looking for a straw & got to the room just as ds belted out his first scream!

    I would say don't bother with breast pads, you won't need them until your milk has come in which won't be until day 3 / 4 / 5 by which point you'll probably be home or if not you can get your hubby / partner to bring some in if you know you'll be there that long.

    I took a tonne of stuff, and I did actually end up being in for 5 days but it looked like I'd moved house around my hospital bed, so this time I'll be packing a series of bags and getting hubby to bring one / collect one each day as I need them. Also it's a pain in the backside if you're rooting around through 3 bags for what you need!!

    Another funny little thing I will pack this time is a notebook and pen(s). From writing down contractions timings during labour, to afterwards writing down feed times, when baby fell asleep, nappy change etc - helped me to feel like I knew what was going on!! Plus I wrote down my birth experience for my diary while it was still fresh in my mind and I was on a high.

    I agree though to bring a few pyjama / nightie options as I bled through my first pair of pyjamas post birth very quickly imageops: You probably won't need a dressing gown though unless you're very modest - hospital post labour wards are like saunas!

    Also I'll be packing some feminine hygeine wipes (or toddler toilet wipes). I didn't use them last time as I had such a bad tear, but if you haven't torn or have a c-section (I will this time), they're good to clean up without getting in the shower every time you go to the loo as you do bleed a lot! sorry if tmi!

    Oh and for a going home outfit for me, I just picked up 2 fab maxi dresses in Primark for ??11 each (one black, one bright blue) - they have gathered elastic under the bust with a wrap over top and no sleeves, thick straps - I think perfect for post-birth (and actually fit now so perhaps also the final stages of pregnancy when the weather is better). shoulders are plenty wide enough to hide over-the-shoulder-bolder-holder nursing bra straps, wrap over bust easy access for feeding, dress so no waistband pressing on my section wound, empire line so will definitely fit over the post-baby bump (which you will find will probably still be about the size you are now!), long skirt so don't have to worry about hairy white legs!

    Sorry for the ramble! image
  • Ooooh moomin those dresses sound gorgeous!

    I went to primark the other day and couldn't find anything like that, where abouts are you?

  • That was in Guildford, it's not a very big store so maybe they've just come in?
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