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Due Date Reminder Thread !

Its been a loooong time since we were posting about our EDD's and I cant remember half of them so thought we should remind ourselves of whose little bundles of joy comes first.

Add your name and i'll put it on the list

MaddyWuk - 26th April - C Section

Garfield - 28th April - DIM stalker !

julesbbutton - 2nd May - Sods law 29th April !

Deanswife - 3rd May but measuring 23rd April

mazie83 - 4th May - Likely april baby !

Pink Princess - 6th May

jojo87uk - 6th May

beaniesmum - 7th may - C section 3rd may

Koalagirluk - 8th May

lucyah - 9th May - maybe first maybie !!

Kat - 10th May - Hopes not 24th May !

Megs29plus2 - 10th May but hoping earlier

Sherbertfizz - 10th May but thinks 17th May

MummyB2B - 11th but induction 27th April

Rubysparkle - 12th May

BroodyKate - 12th May

Rach46uk - 13th May

Emmabonuk - 14th May

Justttc - 14th May

Spuddy - 15th May - OH thinks 2nd May

Frecklebambino - 16th May - inducing so 2nd/3rd May

Moominmummy - 16th May - C section 9th May

Lambchop - 16th May - suspect he'll come 23rd May

Wonderwoman - 16th May - Thinks 2nd May

Bliss - 17th May

Ashleysgurluk - 17th May

Golden Girl - 20th May but thinks will be early

Pickles - 20th May - Thinks 29th May

Mehubandbub - 20th May

MrsJones09 - 23rd May - hoping 21st or 22nd

mumtobe - 23rd May

Sabbath cat - 24th May

keluk - 26th May

Mowani - 27th May - Could be early though

babypusher - 27th May

Jojo149uk - 27th May but elc maybe the week before

Liannemgbeany - 28th May

Munchesmum - 28th May

Mizz_loubag - 28th May

Mum-E - 31st May

caz3006 - 9th june but maybe a maybie ?



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