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C-sectioners, how are you getting on?

Hello! Just wondered how those of you who had a section are getting on? Owen is 2 weeks old today and I'm definitely starting to feel more normal again. It's hard not to overdo it with Theo as I want to do everything with him but I'm taking it easy so I dont set myself back.

What are you wearing if you're breastfeeding? I'm in dresses all the time as waistbands even on mat trousers are too uncomfortable. Means my wardrobe is pretty limited as lots of dresses are not very accessible for the (.v.)

My tummy is in a right old state! The scar is doing well and is really discreet - I thought I was going to look like frankensteins monster! But I have major overhang, distended upper belly above my belly button and wrinkly, papery stretch marked skin image am I the only one?!?

Anyway hope you're all doing well. Xxxx


  • I'm pretty much in the same boat! My tummy is a disgrace, it hardly even resembles human skin anymore. But I'm back in the jeans I had before I had Freddy and they aren't rubbing really, I'm wearing big knickers which cover my scar so theres no irritation. I'm struggling with bfing tops, I'm wearing my pre-maternity stuff and not much of it is very good for bfing so going to try to find some nice shirt type things in primarni or somewhere.

    All in all I think I'm doing ok, Freddy is 2 weeks and 3 days old now. I can't cope without my pain killers, if I don't take them before the morning school run I can literally hardly move by the afternoon. My scar stings a lot of the time and I get a burning pain in the far right hand side of it when I lift my right leg which is a bit odd! But I've been lifting Theo and Lily in and out of bed and highchairs and doing the school runs again this week so I guess I must be healing ok. It is sore though, by the evening I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach by a horse!
  • Oh poor you pickles, you have no choice now but to get on with it. I've stopped the painkillers as don't really need them now but I am fortunate to be able to take it really easy still. Hope you're not overdoing it. Was your surgeon stood on your right hand side? My scar hurts more that side too and the mw said it's because that's where the surgeon was so she would have ripped the muscles there more when pulling Owen out.

    Very jealous that you are back in your jeans! I still look preggers! I know from last time though it took a long time to go down - in fact it never really returned to normal. Wondering if I should try some kind of abdominal binder or if its too late. Maybe a support vest would help?

    Anyway, rake it easy where possible xxx
  • Mothercare make post pregnancy support/shaper slips and vests which obviously have the drop down feeding clips for bfing, maybe that would help? I think its because I was fat to begin with! My jeans are a 16 so hardly an achievment getting back into them, I just need to lose the pre-pregnancy weight now! Mind you, I have had 3 babies in 3 years!

    My surgeon was on my right hand side I think so that makes sense!

    I'm trying not to do anything I don't feel able to but its difficult, when Theo wants lifting in or out or something or needs removing while he's having a tantrum I have to lift him. I still haven't hoovered yet but I'm desperate too, Rob's been doing it and he just doesn't do it the same!

  • Hi ladies, I had a section 10 days ago and it feels like slow going. My scar is healing ok but I have a massive overhang over it and this is weirdly very sore. I'm thinking about trying to get a support belt or pants as it feels so much better when i hold if still. I'm a but worried about dh going back to work this week but I guess I'll have to manage!

    R x
  • Hi Rachel,

    I have a huge overhang too. It Completely covers my scar which means there's no air getting to it. It does seem to be healing ok though. I just bought the mothercare vests that pickles suggested today but haven't tried them yet. I did wear some control pants yesterday for about 6 hours and they felt good to start with, holding everything in, but then they got a bit uncomfortable like the overhang was being squashed into my scar. Think I might save them for public appearances and stick to my big granny cotton pants for hanging out at home.

    On the plus side I'm feeling a lot more human and managing much more, including lifting Theo a few times. It's been 19 days now and it's true that every day gets easier. I'm feeling more confident about hubs going back to work from that perspective, but still don't know how I'm going to manage from a breastfeeding point of view as Owen can spend a good couple of hours with 75% of the time on the boob. How I'm going to manage to keep Theo alive during that time is anybody's guess!

    Btw pickles don't be hard on yourself! You look very slim in your pics and getting back into your jeans is still amazing - especially after 3 babies in 3 years!!!
  • Well Ladies it's 4 weeks tomo since I had my c-section my scar is beautiful if it can be lol, it's very neat and heeled wonderful however, 4 weeks on I still have a massive overhang which is still swallon and hurts. About 8 days after I had my first daughter by c-section I was back in my size 10 jeans and never looked back, this time please no one shout, I can more than comfortably fit into a size 12 but by the end of the day I'm jumping into my pj bottoms as my overhang kills, when is this monster going to disapear lol?

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