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Nursing tops - what do you wear?

I'm finding my clothes are totally unsuitable for comfortable minimum exposure nursing. I have to pull them all up from the bottom and more or less remove them to get my waps out!! Even the so called "nursing" tops from mothercare are like that.

So fellow bf'ers what type of top is best? Button up shirts? Strappy vests? Or invest in bump bands??

I'm not comfortable having my belly & back out aswell as a boob, I haven't had to feed in public yet (well ive fed infront of family at home but I'm not as fussed there) but I know I won't be comfy with all that skin out!!


  • G/C from DIS but for minimum exposure/added comfort whilst BFing I reccommend either button top shirts or jumpers to allow access to boobies or the other idea is to buy a cheap pack of strappy vests that you can cut holes in to allow access to your boobies and then wearing another top over the vest.
  • hi have a look at the breastvest, great item that has been designed by a breastfeeding mummy!
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