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My BS!! 22/05/2011

Ok here goes some parts are fuzzy so I will try my best.....

I woke up at 2am on Saturday morning to what I thought were braxton hicks, after an hour of them text OH who was at work to say they were uncomfortable and I just wanted to get back to sleep!

They kept going every 10 mins like clockwork! At 7am I got up with dd had some breakfast bounced on the birthing ball and was generally calm and collected breathing through each contraction.

Then they wore off that afternoon to one an hour or so, I was gutted!! got DD into bed about 8ish OH was napping for his night shift again and I decided to have a bath to see what happened.... WELL... that was just one continuous contraction!! OH got cover for his shift and the contractions returned at a regular rate. At 1130pm I called delivery suit and they said to come in so got my sister over to look after DD.

We arrived at hospital expecting to go home, I was assessed and the midwife said I was 2cm!!! I was gutted!! but they decided to admit me as I have group b strep so would get the antibiotics in, they did this and things settled I walked around the ward alot and got through each contraction one at a time.

At about 5am Sunday morning things were getting too much and I called for the midwife who assessed me and said I was now 4cm!!! (jeeze!!) but that meant I could have Gas and Air and go to delivery so off we went. To cut a long story short I got to 7cm on gas and air when I started getting a horrid pain in my c section scar that felt like I was going to burst!! I was begging for an epidural at this point but as I was 7 they said they would break my waters instead. They did this and the pain in my scar became unbearable so they bleeped for the epidural. This took 4 attempts to get right the consultant specialist had to do it in the end but once it was in the pain went away and I could focus again. I could still feel everything just not the pain, so then got to 10cm, and started to push, they said my pushing was "fantastic" and really encouraged me (before the epidural I was begging for another c section, I was telling them I was terrified and I couldn't do it! so I needed this encouragement) and along with an episiotomy and forceps (as they didn't want me pushing for too long with the scar pain I was at risk of scar rupture) 2contractions later my beautiful little girl came into the world!!

OH got to cut the cord we got skin to skin and the whole thing was just so completely different to a section! I am proud of myself for achieving the VBAC and getting that experience for me and OH but I never realised the after affects us ladies have to go through!! The stitiches are really uncomfortable and I have had a pain in my leg since the epidural that I'm not sure on but on the whole I am ecstatic as my baby girl is healthy and Here and her big sister asolutely adores her!!!


  • Aww congratulations!! Bet you are so proud of yourself, and so you should be, sounds like you did amazingly well xx
  • Congratulations! I'm so pleased you managed to get your VBAC - sounds as though you did really well. I had an episiotomy too and I must admit I was really sore initially but I'm much better now. Keep taking the paracetamol and I hope you feel better soon.
  • Sounds like you did a fab job especially with the scar pain. I've been lucky as I've never needed stitches but I've heard they're agony, apparently teetree oil in a bath is good (if you get time to bathe that is, I'm lucky to grab a quick shower these days).
  • well done you! Love reading all the birth stories, they never fail to make me cry!

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