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please sleep baby Harry

I'm all in a pickle, as my one week old baby, Harry, has been up now for 14 hours [apart from a half hour sleep at midday].

Does anyone else have babies that stay awake all day? I met up with some NCT girls at lunchtime and all their babies were fast asleep, whilst Harry was awake. He seems to want food all the time in the day. I think my milk is working fine, as he only lost about 3% of his body weight at day 5 weigh in.

Our day has consisted of feeding, nappy change, crying [both me and Harry!] and more feeding. He is just missing out the sleeping phase.

Anyone experiencing anything similar?



  • When he's awake is he content & alert or fussing, crying etc?

    I would say I've never seen a newborn stay awake so long, they usually sleep 16+ hours in my limited experience.

    Have you spoken to your midwife to see what they say?
  • Blimey! Hope your little Harry slept last night - you and he must both be very tired. I've got quite an awake baby but he's never stayed awake that long. I would ring your midwife just for some reassurance and advice. Hope you're okay.
  • Blimy hon, not sure I could cope with that! Harry is very awake and alert a lot of the day but nowhere near that long!

    Really think that might be a qu for the mw - no idea what to suggest! xxx
  • Thanks for your replies- I will give the midwife a ring today if he is the same.

    Finally went to sleep at 9.30 and slept really well through the night [waking only twice for feeds]

    I'm trying something different - I wondered if he was overstimulated in the day, so we are trying to settle him upstairs in a dark room to get some day sleep. He has already had a morning nap and just started his second one.

    This is such a steep learning curve isn't it!

  • I'm glad things were better last night and so far today. Let me know how you get on with having his naps in a darkened room. My LO was awake from 11.00 till 5.00 today and he was so grouchy by the end. Not nearly as bad as your day yesterday but he was completely overtired by 5pm. I got him to sleep by taking him for a drive and now he's sleeping on daddy cos I daren't put him in his cot in case he wakes again!
  • Hi

    The dark room worked well yesterday - he had a couple of morning naps in there. But was awake for most of the afternoon. The pram did work for us as well. He slept really well in the night.

    Today the dark room has had no effect - he has had a couple of half hour naps but that's it. I'm sending him out for a walk with my husband now so hopefully he'll get some shut eye.

  • oh no, i can feel your pain! i have an awake baby too, we have 5 hours awake constantly, but i cant imagine how knackered you must be!!! to top that, for 3 out of the 5 hours she is crying and cannot be stopped! (colic...booo! image)

    once they get past the tired stage they go into overtiredness and its bloody hard to get them down! as soon as you see yawning or lots of blinking start doing whatever you do to get him to sleep!!

    good luck!!!!
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