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Irritated by peoples comments

O.k 'm 41 weeks today & as if i'm not fed up enough EVERYONE & they're granny is commenting on my state.

The woman in the post office said 'that's the biggest bump i've ever seen' then 10 mins later the woman in the Co-op asked my MIL if 'she is having twins?'

SHE clearly being the cats mother.

I felt like saying 'yes I am having twins, whats your excuse for being a big fat moose?'

I don't wish to leave the house anymore


  • Oh hunny I know exactly how you feel, people would say stupid things to me like "have you not had that baby yet?" ... people are stupid.. fact! lol, I wanted to hide out too once I went overdue and dreaded seeing anyone texts/phone calls and even just logging onto FB!

    big hugs hun xxx
  • aww!! I totally sympathise!! just saw a neighbour up the road walking his dog, he looked me up and down and says "so is it all water or you expecting a big baby??" wtf?

    why do people keep saying stupid bloody things?

    oh and the best yet is from mil!! saw her a few weeks back and she says "ooh not long now" so I reply nope 3 weeks to go! she then says " you'll have her sooner than that cause you look rough" image erm thanks!!!

    then when I saw her last week she tells me how fed up I am and how I can't wait for baby to come now, to which I say no I'm feeling pretty good actually and still have a while till due date. so she says "oh well that's because your scared!!"???

    erm again nope I'm looking forward to trying for a vbac (which she bloody knows) so then she says "well I think your gonna go over with her, and not by a few days either, the whole 2 weeks!!"

    well I was gobsmacked! why do people know you and your body/baby better than you all of a sudden??!!!

    we really need some witty comebacks ladies!!! think think think!!! :lol:
  • Awwww hunni, not what you want when you're already very miserable being overdue. I wouldn't be surprised if you refused to leave the house!

    I was getting the comments on how big I was & how I'd have him early (I did but only 6 days!) & it drove me bananas!!
  • Oh hun! How bloody annoying!! I put on my Facebook status today saying '...wants to meet her baby now!' and although a few people just wrote lovely excited comments, one person said 'baby will come when it's ready' and I could have screamed. As if I don't f***ing know that!!??!! It makes you just want to go off and hide under a rock until you have given birth doesn't it!? xx
  • Hiya hun, I know how you feel... sometimes it seems that just because your pregnant they can say certain things, i mean no one would dare comment on your size / weight if you wasnt pregnant!

    Gracie is 2 weeks now but yesterday I went into uni for a lecture and got told by someone in the class that I looked very tired... yeah thanks for that! I mean I know i look rough but I dont need reminding lol

    Just ignore them! (easier said than done, I know!)

  • i know i know!! i had stupid questions like "any signs??" all i put on my fb 2 days before she was born was 'talk about stretching it out' and i literally had 20 comments with people assuming i was in labour and asking how far i was!! idiots some people lol xx
  • G/C but I can sympathise sweet! I was 12 days overdue - I was ok for the first week but got fed up of people telling me I was fed up when actually I wasn't. Also my mum kept saying I was huge which annoyed me as my bump was big (as you would expect given that there was a whole person in there) but the rest of me wasn't huge!

    Hubby got annoyed with people at his work asking if there was any news, as obviously if there had been any news then he wouldn't have been at work.

    I also got annoyed with people saying that the baby would come when he or she was ready. I was induced in the end so actually, Harry didn't come when he was ready, he came when the midwives told him it was time to come out!

    Hope you don't have to wait too much longer though image
  • Tee hee, thanks for the replies girlies.

    I think everyone was walking on eggshells last week cos I was prone to bursting into tears but I was jut stressed at the thought of him coming & me missing Lilys party I think which is why I got so stressed& wanted him to come BEFORE. I guess him coming a good bit after had never entered my head!

    I also think it's funny that everyones 'predicitions' have come & gone & now they all look quite silly (me included!). This babba is determined to do things HIS way!
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