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Moan this way...

Well I think all of us that are still waiting on our May babies deserve a good moan, so please add yours below, Im hoping it will make us all feel a bit better...

Im 5 days overdue today, sigh! No sign of baby. I had midwife on Wednesday and she did sweep, Im 2cm dialated and my cervix is soft and "faviourable". I had good thoughts thinking that the sweep would work, Im still here image(((( I am being induced next Friday the 3rd June, and Im gutted. This is def my last baby so really wanted to go into labour by myself, its looking really unlikely. You know what, Im actually really pis*ed off! Im pi**ed off at myself and this baby. I have a 2yr old ds and Im finding it all way too much at the mo. My house always seems a mess, and I cant stop eating chocolate. This baby is big so Im now really worried Im not going to be able to deliver them.

Right, the positives:

Im 2 cm dialated

6 days left max (6 whole fing days!!!)

Yesterday/today Im getting lots of what I assume is mucus (sorry tmi!), its just like snot, but no blood streaks.

Im getting heaps of period pains.

No need to reply to any of this ramblings just moan away yourself, it really does help (well ok, it helps a little...)

Emma x


  • Hey Hun, the mucas might be a good sign. I was getting heaps of snotty stuff (no blood) but midwives checked & said it is probably my plug. I actually had no bloody show till I was in the first hour of my labour. The snot was heavy for about a week before I went into labour.
  • Oh hun!! Bless you, hope getting it all out helps you feel a little better. I can't moan too much at the moment as I am due tomorrow so there is still hope (!) but I too will not be having any more babies and have been praying I can do this all myself this time, after going 2 weeks over last time. Fingers crossed that we both make it before we have to be induced xxx
  • I think I can beat you!

    I'm 8 days over, my cervix is up around my tonsils, can't have a sweep it is so far back, hard as nails, NOT dialated, no show & a one year old!

    Induction booked for Thursday!!

    Do I win the chocolate mouse?

  • Now I need to make the difficult decision if I travel 1.5hrs to my oh granny's funeral on Thursday as she sadly passed away yesterday image I want to go but it's day before my induction. I just really want to pay my respects to such a lovely granny. She would 100% understand if I.didn't go.sad she will never meet this baby.
  • Angel sorry to hear about your OH's granny. I lost my nan on 17th April & I was really heavily pregnant at the funeral but I HAD to be there.

    Obviously our emotions are all over the place at the moment anyway so it will be tough but I'd say you will be glad you went. However it is quite a distance & you could go into labour naturally.

    All the best chick, chin up xxxx
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