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So poorly with mastitis

It's rotten I feel like I have flu & just want to sleep but baby boy has other ideas.

In uber pain, got the shakes & chills, shivers & aches.

Not a happy mummy!


  • Oh hunny! How rubbish!! image I woke up yesterday with a horrid pain in my boob and armpit and was shivering all over had headache and felt crap! I called the doc and he said it sounded like Mastitis, lucky for me I didn't have any signs of infection so so far haven't needed any antibiotics, I couldn't stay awake yesterday and made sure I fed Felicity off that boob the most and although it still feels a bit bruised today I feel so much better, I really hope you make a quick recovery xxxx
  • GC just to say: Please make sure you get it sorted!!! I had terrible mastitis and it led to an abscess and an operation to sort it out! They can give you bf friendly anti b's and if it gets bad they can give you 2 different bf friendly anti b's. Getting baby to drain the boob is one of the best things you can do and warm flannels! Take care as it can get bad quite fast! xxx Get well soon xxx
  • Well still feel like I have flu but the pain is easing a bit. Been feeding as much as possible from that side, & had a nice hot shower running over it last night.

    Found I can only sleep on my back as on my side or front hurts but hopefully we've caught it early & are on the mend.
  • How are you today hunny?? x
  • Every inch of me still aches & I'm still very sore on the nipples but the mastitis pain in my breast is almost gone only really notice it if I try to sleep on that side.

    Thanks for asking hunni

  • Thats ok, the one day I had of it mildly was horrid so I can only imagine how you are feeling, I hope you are ok and being looked after xxx
  • Haha, sort of. I had to pop to a friends house to drop some stuff off & stayed for a cuppa left Charlotte with hubby but took Thomas with me.

    I walk in the door & hubby declares he's going to bed as he's tired even though I was up till midnight, then did the night feed at 4am & got up with both kids at 7am while he slept! I'm aching all over, legs are particularly bad so walking & sitting hurt! Bloody cheek!
  • ugh!! men!!! they just cannot hack it can they? no matter how god they are they just dont do it like us women!!

    Well its only fair you get the sleep tonight! so put your foot down! lol x
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