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Still here girls, but much happier!

If someone had told me a couple of months ago I would go 9 days over, I wouldn't have beleived em!

Strangley, the further along I go the more accepting I am of the situation!

My MIL goes back to Ireland today & I am taking Lily up to my folks for lots of TLC while hubby working away & I am going to wait it out there till induction on Thursday.

I am so looking forward to the change of scenery.

I am trying to take the positives from all this & am pretty pleased I will have a June baby as I already have a May baby.

Anyway sorry to ramble but I was so low last week just wanted everyone to know i'm now OFF suicide watch & waiting patiently (lol!!!!)



  • Soooo glad to be reading this hun!! I am glad you are feeling better and I hope your parents spoil you while you wait, not long now xxxx
  • Glad you are feeling more chilled about it.Hope you enjoy your time at parents. xx
  • Haha as paitent as we can be!! Im getting induced on thursday when i will be 40+10days - though my friend kindly pointed out it could still take until friday or even saturday for the baby to be born!!!! image
  • So glad your happier golden girl, hope I get happier the more overdue I getimage same boat as you MrsJones, Induction booked on Sat, hope it doesn't take toooo long, but not too quick either!!
  • glad your feeling better, times drags and everything seems to be so much worse when you feel down. take care enjoy the break xx
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