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Weight loss thread

Right, for those of you who don't want to announce your weight, just tell me how much you want to shift and if you have a deadline. Weekly weigh in on a FRIDAY.

As of Fri 1st July:


2 stone to lose

6 lb lost

1 stone 8 to go


2 stone to lose

0 lb lost


3 stone to lose

0 lb lost


Aim 10st ll

1 st 3 to lose

0 lb lost


2 stone 6 to lose

0 lb lost


1 stone to lose

0.5 lb lost

13.5 to go


2 stone to lose

0 lb lost


2 stone 2 to lose

4 lb lost


1 stone to lose

5 lb lost

9 lb to go


6 stone to lose

6 lb lost


2 stone 7 to lose

2 lb lost

2 stone 5lb to go


1 stone to lose

0 lb lost


3.5 lb lost


2 stone to lose

0 lb lost


Aim 10 stone, start weight 15 stone 4lb

4 stone 1 lb to lose

1 stone 3 lb lost, current weight 14 stone 1lb


2 stone to lose

0 lb lost


  • Great idea! I'll start with 2 stone which will get me to pre pregnancy weight and then i'll reassess seems as i wanted to lose weight before i got pregnant anyway lol I have been weighing myself on Friday mornings xxxx
  • 3 stone for me. ive been weighing fridays too.

    come on girls we can do it image x
  • As I'm still scared to weigh myself I will have to join you later!! Was a good 1st heavier than I like when I got pregnant :roll:
  • I don't own scales so won't be joining you just yet. I'm going to go back to WW- I got to goal and became a gold member afterbi had Theo. Apparently I have 6 months to get to within 5 pounds if that before I have to start paying. I'm planning to go back when Owen is 2 months so in about 4 weeks. Good luck everyone xx
  • My aim is to be 9.5stone was 10stone before I got pregnant, was 12.5stone just before I had little Emily, currently weighing 10stone 11.

  • So glad its not just me :lol: I need to shift 2st 6lbs, none of my clothes fit & I need to go shopping really fed up with continually pulling up my maternity jeans I'd like to bin them now :cry:
  • I need to lose about a stone to get back into my pre-freddy jeans comfortably so will go for a stone to begin with and see how it goes.

  • I'm giving it a few more weeks til I actively try as I had a CS only 2 weeks ago. But want to start sooner rather than later as I have 4 stone to get rid of!! Will join up in a few weeks, I want to get back into my clothes!!! x
  • great plan!

    somehow ive lost the extra weight & im now what i was pre-pregnancy BUT that was still about 2... 2 1/2 stone over weight (left from ds2 & being lazy :lol: ) :roll: ..can i join ??
  • Course you can! I'll put you down for 2 1/2 but let me know if its only 2 for now. x
  • I'm sooooo not saying what I weigh but will let you know if I've lost anything by friday. Not doing very well so far today! Didn't have time for breakfast and only managed to eat at 1pm so was absolutley starving by that point and ate loads of crap!

  • thank you

    2 & 1/2 is good(well not really lol)

    im hoing to start goin to the mil's kettle bell class once 6wk check is out the way....wish i could go twice a week but both classes fall on same day as hubby's rugby training :roll: oh well something is better than nothing i guess image

    im doing well today .... but mainly as we need to go grocery shoping so all the 'nice' stuff has run out :lol:
  • Erm... what's kettle bell?
  • Erm... what's kettle bell?
  • its like a ball shaped weight with a handle (think it started in the states...of course :lol: )

    she instructs at the gym which hapens to be about a 5min walk from mine, so going to her clas will kill me but at least be cheap image

    i was about to take it up before i got bfp, should help tone up the mummy tummy & the bingo wings etc etc

    lots of lunges & swinging it round, hard work but good fun (well it was in her garden not sure the classs will be 'fun')

    i'll keep you posted !!
  • I have managed to lose baby weight but was a good stone heavier than I should be when I got pregnant, so I will join as well, got to be bikini fit for august! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! X
  • I'll join u ladies. I hav defo got the most 2 lose tho!! 6 stone 4 me!! Started bk at slimming world 2 weeks ago and lost 6lb on 1st weigh in. Getting weighed 2night so I'll update on a thurs if that ok. Getting married in feb so that's my deadline, need 2 shift weight I put on with ds1 and ds2 and from being lazy since I left home!! O dear!! image
  • First weigh in for me and I've lost 2 pounds! Whoop whoop! Didn't expect to as not watched what I've been eating! But breastfeeding constantly is obviously having an affect!
  • I've lost 2 lb as well! Was surprised as been eating crap!
  • Sorry got to this late... I have lost 2 stone in 2 weeks post birth image But have more to go!!

    So for me I now have 2 and half stone to lose (will take me back to my wedding weight!) Haven't been weighing myself consistently so to get started let's just say I've lost a pound in the last week.
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