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How many ounces per day?

Hi Ladies

I just wondered how old your babies are and how much milk they are taking per day and per feed?

My lo only tends to take 4 0z and hes 5 wk old. We seem to have hit a plateau as hes been taking this amount for a while.


  • you doing better than me, Emily will only take 3 oz every 2 hours she's 7 weeks old, my health visitor isn't concerned just says she must have a tummy the size of a walnut, she's been stuck at this amount for about 4 weeks.
  • Do babies take the same amount in breast milk as Formula? I am wondering how much Holland will have if I exclusively pump as I don't think she is BFing efficiantly enough on her own.
  • Sorry I am actually offering boob too although he's a really slow feeder so end up with bottle (formula or breast expressed) to finish.

    I'm not sure baby on board. Can only be a good thing though if u know exactly what she's had. Maybe you could start on breast and finish on expressed. That's what I tried to doesn't always work though!
  • That's what I do now BF then express but it's a long process!
  • Aurelia takes 3-4oz every 2-3 hrs. We are mixed feeding as she has refused breast from birth and my milk is going and will take more EBM (think its because there water in it so shes getting a drink aswell)

    Just a warning that its much harder to maintain your milk when your soley expressing because a pump doesn't give the same effect. i have a manual and electric pump and sometimes hand express to try boost milk production also need skin to skin at least once a day and i still try her on the breast every night to keep my milk up but it still decreasing and taking longer to get out.

  • we go for 5oz every 3hrs although she doesnt finish every bottle and goes 4-5hrs between some feeds, as long as its regular x
  • HI our lo is 5 weeks old too and also takes 4 oz maximum but then she isnt a big baby only just under 9 lb now so prob has a smaller tummy than some. We go between 3 1/2 to 4 oz and like you it hasnt increased a lot, but she is gaining weight and on the 50th percentile so Im not too worried, Im sure as they get bigger so will appetite and tummy image xxx
  • Finnlagh is nearly 9 weeks and is taking 6 60z bottles in a day, he doesn't always finish the whole 6oz but he is a hungry boy. He goes roughly 3/4 hours between most feeds, sometimes a bit longer depending on how sleepy he is.
  • Sofia is 9 weeks and she will usually manage between 2 and 3oz per feed. On the odd occasion she will have 4 oz. She will have about 5 feeds per day. Her average milk intake is around 14oz. She was 6lb 14.5oz when born and was on the 25th centile. Had her weighed today and she is now 9lb 13oz and dropped to the 9th centile.
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