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typical day with 2!

well kendra is only 4 weeks but so far its.....

go down stairs with baby when hear my son is up,get bottles ready-1 each!

bring son down-give bottle and cereal,c beebies!

feed baby and change.

change carson,get bag ready for nursery or going out.

get dressed when baby asleep and carson occupied playing ect.

get back

lunch for carson/feed baby whatever more urgent-chnage both of them

carson has nap and baby hopfully

carson wakes-me nad mummy time!

babys feed/change

try to do dinner when baby asleep again and carson playing

husband home! yipeeeeeeeeee

i feel like i dont stop, although i do have 2 yr old and 4 wk old. i dont how mums of 2 or more do it! i am a organised person.but i feel all over place.havent attempted housework other than basics.washing-have too! hoovering-toddler mess requires this! and washing bottles and cooking-to eat!!!!! i am surving on 3-6 hrs sleep a night-depending on baby. how are we all doing?


  • You're doing better than me! Even though Owen is nearly 7 weeks now I've barely had to deal with them both on my own, what with hubby's extended paternity leave and me being in hospital with Owen.

    My 'typical' day (if there is such a thing):

    7ish if im lucky theo gets up and comes through, gets in my bed and plays with my phone! I feed Owen. Then go downstairs, get Theo's milk, give Owen his meds and feed Owen more. Get breakfast for me and Theo. Cbeebies also our friend!! Try to shower and get ready when Owen falls asleep. Theo entertains himself.

    Try to get out to playgroup, meet friends etc for 10am. Feed owen before we go or when we get there, or both!!

    Get home for lunch around midday. Theo & I eat. 1pm feed Owen & meds.

    Try to do something to induce Theo to nap such as walk to shops to buy something for dinner. Come home and try to get some housework done before Theo wakes up. So far only managed basics, tidying up toys, hanging out/ taking down / putting in washing, unloading dishwasher etc what with Owen getting angsty.

    Theo wakes up & play. Owen usually in bjorn.

    4pm feed Owen.

    Cook dinner. 6pm Theo & I eat (leave some for daddy as I can't hold out til after 8pm anymore!). Simultaneously feed Owen. wash up and tidy up toys. Try to keep Theo in his highchair watching cbeebies so he doesn't create more mess! Owen normally getting fed up!

    7pm Owen meds. Go up and stick both boys in bath. Get Owen out first and dry and dress him. Get Theo out and dry and dress him while he runs up and down the hallway and Owen screams.

    7.45 daddy home much to the excitement and relief of Theo & I respectively. Everyone in our bed, Theo playing, me feeding Owen.

    8pm Theo has milk, story and bed with daddy. I continue feeding Owen until we both fall asleep. Feed every 3 hours roughly in the night then start again!!

    The timings are vague. I use the baby bjorn a lot to get through the day!! And often I feed Owen a bit more to get him off to sleep which I know isn't good! Oh and likewise I don't know how people do it!!! image
  • you got yoir hands full too! why is your son on meds may i ask?
  • Hi Kel,

    Owen is on beta blockers for his heart. He has a really rare and very serious heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It means his heart can't fill with enough blood, his major vessels are getting squashed and his heart beats irregularly. Basically hes at high risk of sudden cardiac death or progressive heart failure. We are awaiting some test results to find out what is causing it and if it can be treated although we know it can't be cured and they can't repair the damage already done :cry:
  • Sounds like my day. A rough idea is

    5am feed Thomas in bed for an hour till he sleeps again.

    8am Thomas wakes up & I feed him again.

    9am finally get poor Charlotte up whose usually lying wide awake in her bed by now. Go downstairs, change both bottoms. Put Thomas in bouncy chair & make charlottes breakfast. If Thomas is happy I'll also have mine & a cuppa otherwise I'll be feeding him again. Then I feed the 4 cats.

    10:30am ish either start tidying, try to shower if Thomas is asleep or play with Charlotte.

    12pm get charlottes lunch. Hopefully Thomas is napping so I eat too otherwise it's yet more feeding.

    1pm Charlotte naps. Put washing on/out to dry/fold etc. Tidy toys & kitchen. Hope Thomas is asleep!!

    2pm get Charlotte up, put on cbeebies while I feed Thomas whilst catching up with some reading.

    4pm make dinner, hope Thomas is sleeping.

    5pm dish up dinner.

    6pm-7pm depending on hubby shifts I may need to collect him from train station.

    7pm - bath both kids. Dress Thomas & put him in bouncy chair. Dress Charlotte, story & bed.

    7:30 till god knows when - feed Thomas non stop & spend all evening dealing with his colic.

    10pm-11pm if I'm lucky BED!!

    Obviously as hubby works shifts each day is slightly different. The feeding & colic evenings are the only constant.
  • haha, there is no such thing as a "typical" day here, its all systems go, constantly, me AND hubby running riot, getting stressed (threatening divorce! lol) and at least 1 baby crying at any one other words, joyus!!

    i think we better start some sort of routine.. LOL where to start?!
  • yes my day is long too. its amazing how one little person more is enough to tip the house upside down. today carson wanted nap at same etime kendra wanted bottle,tears all round but he had to wait. im holding her as i type this as she wakes every time iput her down
  • im with you lucyah, the only 'typical' thing is getting ds2 to school on time and i get to bed around midnight...other than that who knows :lol:

    ds2 has decided he doesnt want to nap today & as hubby has to work late bedtime will be hard work tonight as you can guarantee DD will want attention when im trying to sort the boys out....and then hubby will want his alloted attention from mummy when he getrs home LOL

    still we'll blink & it'l be over, we'll have teenagers to deal with :roll:

    on th eplus side ive learnt how to type FAST :lol:
  • I don't really have a typical day! Freddy feeds every 4 hours so say he has his first feed at 6am it goes like this

    6am feed Freddy

    6:30 Get up, washed and dressed and do my hair and make up. Rob is usually at home until 7 so he can look after Freddy and the little ones if they get up.

    7am Get Abby up and Theo and Lily if they aren't already up. Usually wave Daddy off, either put Freddy down for a sleep or a play under his baby gym or in his swingy chair.

    7:10 Get Theo and Lily dressed, make breakfast, tidy up kitchen, put a load of washing on, make Abby's packed lunch, hoover and just generally potter and do whatever needs doing.

    8:15 get Theo and Lily's shoes and coats on, tear Abby away from the tv, get Freddy in the sling.

    8:25 get Theo and Lily in the buggy and off we go to take Abby to school.

    8:55 Abby goes in and we either go home or go to a toddler group or do some shopping or whatever.

    10 Feed Freddy then depending where we are either housework or drink more tea at toddlers!

    11:30 lunch time for Theo and Lily. Freddy usually either asleep or playing happily.

    12pm Take Theo to nursery. Then me Freddy and Lily either go home or go to a friends or relatives etc.

    2pm Feed Freddy

    2:30 Go and Collect Abby from school then walk to the nursery to get Theo.

    4 Get home and play, do Abby's homework, more houswork etc.

    4:30 Daddy home! Mummy collapses.

    5:30 Kids teatime. Usually feed Freddy as he cluster feeds in the early evening.

    6:30 Kids bath and stories. Either Rob or I will do this and the other will sort out Freddy. We can't fit all 4 in our bath!

    7pm Theo and Lily in bed, Abby downstairs either playing or watching tv.

    7:30 put Abby to bed.

    And thats about it! Freddy doesn't go to bed as such yet so he usually dozes on us or is in his chair or under his baby gym until we go to bed.

  • Our day is dull as dishwater:

    5 or 5.30 feed Harry. I don't get back to sleep after that.

    6.30 ish Daniel wakes up, drags all his teddies, blankets and pillow into my room whilst I get dressed. I've tried to stop him doing this but no success! Get him dressed (which is tricky!) and head downstairs for 7-7.30.

    Harry is normally awake by now so whilst he screams in his cot/bouncer I get Daniel's brekkie ready and check bottles are sorted for the day.

    8am Feed Harry

    Then spend the morning playing with them both, and when Harry has a nap I'll wash bottles/hoover/put washing on etc

    Harry will then wake and be hungry at 10 but i have to keep him going until 11 for his next feed so thats stressful!

    11am feed Harry

    12 make Daniel's lunch and try to convince him to sit still long enough to eat it whilst I amuse Harry.

    Harry will sometimes have another nap in which case I will get my own lunch, ready for him to wake up at about 1 because hes hungry again.

    2pm feed Harry. Daniel is fed up by this point so is normally being incredibly naughty and if he hasnt already wet himself through the day this is when he starts to do it. Today he did it all over his bed image SO have to sort him out and clean up and normally do more washing.

    This is where it gets tricky: Daniel is meant to eat at about 5.30 but Harry feeds at 5 so Daniel's dinner is normally late and at the moment fairly crap to be honest - I know I'm failing him there. As soon as Harry is fed I sort Daniel out, but Harry will be awake and fretful now which is hard as Daniel is tired by this point.

    6.15 bath them both, trying hardest to stop Daniel flooding the bathroom :S

    7pm Daniel into bed, Harry still screaming for food by this point but normally falls asleep just after I get Daniel to bed only to wake again at about 7.30 cos hes too hungry to sleep.

    8pm feed Harry and get him ready for bed.

    9pm he will normally go to sleep. I will then tidy the house, sort washing, wash bottles and make up feeds for through the night and next morning and try and have something to eat.

    11pm feed Harry (dream feed) and in bed just after midnight.

    At the minute Daniel keeps waking up with nightmares which normally happens around 10 and 2, so have them to deal with as well, and settle Harry back down at the 2am one if Daniel has woken him up.

    We very rarely get out - the nearest group to me is a half hour walk for a 'normal' person but my hips are still painful so would take about an hour to get there, and an hour back so havent dared risk it. Only 1 friend has a baby but she works so we have very few visitors, hubby is away all week and he has the car so we dont do a lot!! AGain know I'm failing them both there image

    Its hell on earth some days and most days I end up in tears, but what else can I do?
  • do you have any family that can come round? its sounds very lonely and bloody hard work! xxx
  • We still don't have a typical day! Well apart from constant feeding, crying and trying to stop DS1 from destroying the house! :roll:

    Please tell me it gets easier!? image
  • i went to a toddler group yesterday and one of the mums of two.said it gets
  • i found it gets easier (guess thats why we went for a 3rd :lol: )

    Garfield you are NOT failing your children!!

    you need to give yourself a break!! you are doing everything all week & still recovering yourself, please dont beat yourself up so much

    its hard work, im lucky that my boys although 2yrs apart do everything together, play eat sleep etc but alot of the time it does mean dd has to cry while i sort them out & i know my hubby isnt away like yours but most eve's he's not home before bed time so the boys get thier story shouted to them rather than read as dd is screaming her head off thinking she should have my undivided attention :roll:

    dont let the bad out weigh the good, it wont be this hard forever

    is there anyone you can talk to for some help/reasurance or even to just get a bit of outside convo ?? xx
  • Garfield, I completely agree with maize. You are not failing them at all. That's just the way it has to be with 2 especially when you have no help. It is tough feeling you're torn between them but please don't beat yourself up. Also you're not failing by nOt getting out, like you say what can you do? Yours managing to get everyone fed, clean and even play with them. You're doing everything they could ask for! I hope you're ok and it soon gets easier for you xxx
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