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Hi - moved from May to June and back to May

Hi Ladies

I originally joined due in May back in Sept when I discovered I was pg and due on 5th May. I then mc for the second time, but amazingly got pg again 11 days later and was due on 7th June. I ended up giving birth on 31st May as I was induced due to developing obstretic cholestasis (ichy hands and feet - increases risk of still born). After a very complicated labour I eventually gave birth via forceps and ended up with a 3rd degree tear. Has anyone else had a similar experience? 5 weeks on I still feel very strange down below!! Living on lactulose and feel unable to empty my bladder properly (sorry if tmi). Anybody experienced anything similar? Just want it to get back to normal asap! Going to go to the docs next week for 6 week check so will mention it then.

Although its all worth it for my gorgeous little boy named Henry!


  • Hi Muffin, hope you don't mind me G/C. I remember you from TTC etc. Firsly big congratulations on your little boy.

    Sorry to hear about your labour - really hope things get better for you soon.

    Take care,

  • Aww Muffin34uk sorry to hear you got a 3rd degree tear but welcome back to May image my bubs was actually born in June but I find myself posting here more. My freind had a 3rd degree and it took a while for everything to get back to normal, I had an episiotomy and I won't expect to feel back to normal until at least 6 weeks. I still feel funny/different when I shower.

    Sorry I can't be of more help but I hope it's nothing and you just need time to heal
  • Congrats on Henry hon! I had a huge baby and very difficult labour/birth and had an episiotomy and a 3rd degree tear and it took a long while before I felt anything near normal downthere. Going to the loo was generally ok for me, though I'd often need to go *right now* and have to run, and sometimes I'd need to go again within minutes, as though I hadn't fully emptied my bladder. I worked on my pelvic floor - when I remembered to do it I would do it until I ached and couldn't do it anymore and within a couple of weeks it was a lot better, and now have no troubles at all.

    I lived on lactulose as well!! Word of warning; come off it slowly, don't just get to the end of your supply and stop, slowly decrease how much you are having and it will be better for you as your body will have time to adjust.

    Def mention it at your check as they can always refer you to physio and they will give you specific things to do to strengthen everything. I was given a physio referral for my hips (SPD still playing up) and its with the same team who do the urine/gynae stuff and had an appointment within 4 weeks of asking for the referral - the only thing they've done right since i gave birth!!

    Unfortunatly I found that the more I thought about it and wondered if it felt funny, the more I decided it did. As soon as I stopped thinking about it I realised that it felt normal - a lot of it was in my head because I expected it to feel funny and so every time little thing must be abnormal and because of the cut/tear. If we hadnt had a baby we wouldnt think about it at all!!

    Hope you're doing ok and Henry is a good baby for you image xxx
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