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Going out with baby

Are any of you like me and get a little nervous about going out with the baby? My dh doesn't seem to get it, he thinks you can just stop anywhere and feed etc. I'm more of the mind that if it's close to feed time before we are leaving then I should wake and feed her at home so she is more settled when I go out - what do you all do?


  • I try to feed bubs at home as i know he'll be more settled when we're out and less likely to have a melt down. If we're out for longer i'll find a quiet place to feed as i'm BF, so need to plan a bit! More often than not end up needing to feed when out even if i fed him at home as he'll only go a few hours between feeds max!! Can make things tricky!

    but yes men don't get the whole being organised thing and keeping baby happy! i just don't want to be out with a screaming baby. And can't just get my boob out anywhere!

    I'm not nervous like i was being out n about with ds1 in the early days, used to screaming and melt downs now! image
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