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Owen is deaf :(

Have had the audiologist out all morning doing Owens hearing tests and it has been confirmed that he is profoundly permanently deaf in both ears. I was expecting it really as he doesn't respond to any sounds but it's still a bit of a blow. They're going to investigate links between this and his heart problems. Coming back on Monday to take moulds for hearing aids but he may need cochlea ear implants and I've been told general anaesthetic will be a major risk for him. Well I guess we'll just cross that bridge if we get to it. :cry:


  • Oh Moomin I'm sorry :cry: Did they do the sedated tests to find out what is going on or do they think it's too risky for him too? I know that's the next step for Holland if we go back and there is no improvement. My sisters friend's little boy has cochlea implants and that means her little boy can now hear! It is truely amazing how much they can do now. I wish it was better news for you. x
  • So sorry to hear this moomin. Hopefully Owen will be able to have cochlea implants. Hope this will give them some idea about his heart problems. Everything crossed. Thinking of you and Owen xxx
  • I'm sorry to hear your news but just wanted to say that early identification and diagnosis makes a huge difference to possible language development. I'm a teacher of the deaf and work with deaf children & their families, I have seen first hand how well profoundly deaf children can communicate, both hearing aid wearers & those who've had cochlear implants. The technology to help deaf people is amazing!

    You'll be contacted by a teacher of the deaf from your area soon to offer advice and support but feel free to contact me if you wish to ask anything.

    All the best xxx
  • Have not been on here in ages but just popped by to see how everyone is doing, and I am so so sorry to hear this hun. I too have heard brilliant things about cochlea implants. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and luck that Owen will be able to hear in the future xx
  • oh my gosh i actually gasped when i read the title of this post! i dont know what to say! how awful for u.. thank gid we live in an age where he will get the best help possible.
  • Thanks girls, I feel that it's not the end of the world, I know he can have a good life with deafness, I think I'm mainly sad that something is obviously not right what with his heart and now his hearing and I'm scared that he might have other issues as he grows up.

    BOB, no he didn't have any sedated tests, he had his hearing tested at high, medium and low frequencies while he was asleep and as loud as it could go (80-90 decibels) he couldn't hear. she did a test to see I'd there was any fluid, catarrh Etc in the middle ear, which there was not and then a test to see if there was a problem with the inner ear which there is. She did say they will do tests to see if they can determine the cause and if there is any link with his heart and / or prolonged jaundice.

    Mum-E thanks or your offer, I'm sure I will be in contact with you over the coming months with various questions if you don't mind!

  • Im so sorry to hear this, you are really going through it at the moment. I hope you have plenty of emotional support to help you! I was partially deaf when I was a baby however it is totally different to Owen as a small operation fixed mine and I haven't had any issues hearing since. Im hoping you get some good news soon!

  • I don't get on here very often these days so missed this... Just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear this. As others have said it's such a tough time for your family right now. Sending big hugs your way and we're here for you if you need to chat xx
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