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oral thrush in 7 week old baby


my little girl (8weeks tomorrow) has orla thrush, we sterilise everything (sometimes twice) but she has manged to get it, its terrible to gave us nystatin drops today adns he has had two doses...does anyone know how long it will take before she feels better?? or any tip or advice ?



  • my daughter had at 2 wks and it responded almost straight away.x in a day or two it was
  • Hello,

    My baby girl has it too, but the health visitor said it wasn't (I have been on anti biotics and so was thought she did) so left it a couple of days and then I was convinced it was so took her to the doctor and yes she did have it. grr making my baby suffer longer than she had too.

    I am breastfeeding and the doctor gave her medicine but not me - I said to him I was breastfeeding and did I not need medicine as well he said not, but I was convinced I did so I asked him again and he said no I didn't need any. I rang the health visitor and she said yes I have to have medicine otherwise my baby would just get it again. GRRRR.

    Anyway it is very common in bottle fed babies and babies under 10 weeks. (if you did breastfeed and had antibiotics or if baby has had anti-biotics this is most common cause)

    I read it takes just a couple of days and if it has not gone after 7 days take her back. After a feed give her cooled boiled water to wash away milk residue - which will help it go faster and then give her the medicine. ( I wasn't told this by the doctor but read it and it has helped)

    Jo x
  • oh forgot to say the other cause is just their immature immune system and not due to por hygene, but now she has had it, you have to be very careful washing bottles, and maybe even buy new teats.

    Jo x
  • thanks for the reply- well after listening to her cry for three hours I took her up to A&E to try to get baby paracetamol...she was in agony! doctor gave her a total look over (incidently by this time she was smilling and stopped crying- i was mortified) he thinks its not thrush at all and a bad case of colic!! back to the infacol....................
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