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update and some honest advice

kendra is 7 wks old today and is doing well.she takes 5oz every 3 hrs and gaining weight. she seems to have reflux and colic that flares up mostly in eve,bt other than that she is happy,always smiling! anyway.... she sleep ok in the night.wakes around 4am for bottle after last feed 10-11 ish.the thing with her is she is usually awake all eve! from 6-11pm!!! so no early night/time to self between 6pm feed and next one. she also sleeps so light in the day. i have a two year old and he wakes her constantly-as she is living room in basket. so i have started putting her in swing/bouncer as it keeps her asleep and keeps her upright-reflux.

my concerns are how to break her habit of going to bed so late in eve. i could be sleeping in-between her feeds!!! i want to put her Moses basket in day too, but i no she will be woken but im worried the swing will put her in bad habits,i no she only 7 weeks but i am concerned. she is to young to nap in own room upstairs?


  • Hello,

    My baby is 8 weeks and the first couple of weeks she was wide awake at night until 5am, we got this down to 3, then 1.30, then 12 and last night 11.30. I think the key to getting her down earlier is just do a bit at a time, settling her a bit earlier each night. This is my plan anyway and it has worked well so far.

    She also only sleeps during the day if we go out in the car or if I am holding her, but she does sleep in her moses basket during the night.

    I don't think it is a problem her sleeping in her swing if she manages to get to sleep in her moses basket at night. (does she manage to sleep in her moses basket at night?) And apparetly sleeping somewhere different during the day then at night helps them understand the difference between night and day.

    Jox x
  • yes she does sleep in basket in night. she stays down stairs with us all day/night until she goes asleep then we go up, around 11ish
  • Hi,

    Not sure if this will help but thought I would let you know my routine at night.

    My little girl is almost 7 weeks old and from day one I have bathed her at 6pm - 6:30pm after her feed then got her ready for bed, fed her in our room with the lights down low then read her a book and put her into her moses basket awake and she has gone off to sleep. She then slept til about 11pm.

    I have since put her in her own room now and kept the same routine but feeding and book in her room and she now sleeps til 3am.

    She feeds every three hours in the day and has approx. 5oz. I have done this routine with both my children and it has worked a treat both times.

    I find the bath really helps with the colic problems they seem to get in the evening as the warm water soothes their belly. Providing they like baths. My first daughter didn't but I still stook with the routine.

    Perhaps it could work the same for you? Not sure but was just a thought for you. Anything is worth a try to get that little extra sleep like you say. I go to bed at 7pm also to be ready for night feeds.

    I hope you find something that works for you.
  • i dont no about putting her upstairs on own at this age without us?
  • G/c from BIF. My LO was the same, would be awake from 4pmish-11ish! At 6 weeks I started proper bedtime routine-bath at 6, feed then bed at 7! This was no miracle & involved me & hubby upstairs most of the night until she really went to sleep between 9&11. After a week or so she was settling by 8.30 & waking 4amish for a feed, would then sleep until I got her up at 7! From 9 weeks she then slept straight through, with a dream feed at 10.30.....she still goes to bed at 7, sometimes going straight of to sleep others talking etc u till after 8. I know this routine doesn't work/suit everyone but it really worked for us! I
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