To find out the sex or not?

Hi ladies

Hubby and I are having a debate already about whether to find out the sex. With Jacob we weren't going to but at the scan it was very obvious he was a boy. So we didn't tell anyone we knew. So everyone else still had a surprise. This time I would like to have a surprise. But hubby thinks it will be easier if we know, even if we don't tell anyone again.

What are you all going to do? Xx


  • Hi JM image

    We didn't find out with our ds and it was nice having a surprise but it also didn't matter to us as we had painted nursery yellow and bought White/neutral clothes anyway.

    This time I would love to know early but think we will wait again for a couple of reasons. One being it's a nice to have the surprise but also I think my mum & mil would like me to have a girl this time so don't want 'disappointment' before baby is even born! I know friends who have had same sex the second time around and people say oh nevermind and things like that which is irritating!

    But if you were to keep it to yourself then no matter. Curiosity may get the better of me though we'll see!

    C2b xxx
  • We didn't find out with our son and I won't find out for this lo either. I always thought I would be the person who would want to find out, but in the event, no. In saying that I was so convinced my son was going to be a girl I asked them to check again when they said it was a boy! Now I can't imagine having anything but a boy, but like C2BMummy, I think my mum wants me to have a girl. She has one granddaughter, but she's 24 so its been a while since a girl was born on my side of the family. My MIL wouldn't be bothered either way, she has 2 granddaughters and three grandsons (including my son) all under 6 already!
  • We didn't find out with our first child but this time i'm thinking maybe we should find out so we can get organised either dig out all my little boys newborn stuff to reuse or shop for pink - i think we'll decide when we get to our scan appointment - no doubt we'll leave it as a suprise,

  • We didn't find out with our wee boy, but we were convinced we were having a boy anyway. This time we are going to find out but I'm hoping for another boy. Either way, we'll be happy image
  • Ladies,

    I am the same. All our family would love a girl! My husband is 1 of 3 boys and his dad is 1 of 10 boys so my inlaws would do anything for a granddaughter! They adore our son so I am worried he would be overlooked now if we did have a girl. When I was pregnant with my son my father in law kept saying wont it be lovely if its a girl, and i kept replying no actually I hope its a boy! As we knew it was a boy and I was worried if it had been a girl they would have been way over the top. But as it was they were over the top anyways!

    It so much pressure for something that we actually have no control over! I know I will feel really guilty either way. If its a boy I will feel guilty that we didnt have a girl that the families really want and if we have a girl I will feel guilty that my son will not get as much attention!

  • I was really in 2 minds when we had our first, right up to the day of the 20 week scan. I finally decided to find out but then they couldn't tell! So I had a surprise on the day and was really glad I did. I really wanted a little girl and that was what I got.

    This time again I would like a surprise, but I feel like it would make sense to find out so I know whether or not to carry on keeping all her clothes!! We shall see.....

    Also I'd really like another girl and feel I would like time to get used to the idea if I was having a boy...

    It's a dilemma!
  • we will be finding out the sex mainly so we know what to buy etc as my lo is just 11months old... i also feel very under pressure as everyone thinks i will have a girl but mainly because they want a girl in the family... i will be happy either way of course and with lo everyone thought he would be a girl and i always said he was a boy (only because they all said he would be a she lol) xx
  • At our antenatal clinic we have to sign a form before our 20 week scans to state whether we do or do not want the sonographer to tell us the sex of the baby - they have been known to get it wrong on a few occassions so probably best to leave it as a suprise - couldn't imagine being told it was one sex to find out when delivering the baby its the complete opposite!
  • We want to find out and I can't wait! We both think it'll just be easier to know so we can buy pink or blue image
  • G/C but I didn't find out with either of my girls. With DD1 we were convinced she was going to be a boy with all the old wives tales pointing that way save for the good old chinese gender predictor. This time around again the gender predictor said she'd be a girl & I strongly suspected it myself from 20wks onwards (all fetal heartrates were between 140-160 which normally gives good indication). They've only just started offering gender scans in my area & they aren't cheap with only a 60% chance pf accuracy.
  • i couldnt imagine finding out, it would take away all the excitement for me i think. OH feels the same.

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