Early scan

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking on here for a while but did not feel ready to post because I've been petrified after suffering a mmc earlier this year. But I went for an early scan yesterday and saw a heartbeat!! Yay!! Our little bean is 1.9cm and doing well so far. I should be 8 weeks today but the scan showed me at 7+4.

Has everyone seen the Due in June 2012 thread? That means we are getting closer to the 12 week scan and into the 2nd trimester!!



  • Awww congratulations. Your post made me well up... must be the hormones!! lol.

  • Congratulations NewMrsP!

    I can't wait to reach the 12 week mark!
  • Congrats, great news! What date does that make you due?

    We have an early scan booked on sunday x
  • Congratulations!!! I was made up to see the due in June group too. One step closer to the 12 week mark, FC we all make it xxxxxx
  • Wow! Really pleased for you!

    I've had 2 miscarriages and know what the wait is like. I have an early scan (my 2nd) on tuesday next week - i will be somewhere between 8 and 81/2 weeks by then....just praying i see something similar to you. Feel like i have has a few more symptoms this time. The other 2 times i kind of definitely felt like i had lost pregnancy feeling....but this time so far so good.

    I'm pretty sure that if the heart beat is showing the risk is far less...so it is definitely brilliant news!

    Annie image
  • Thank you everyone! And good luck to those who have early scans booked. You can't really see that much but all I really wanted to know was that the little heart was beating away. According to my pregnancy book 1.9cm makes me about 8 weeks but the sonographer said just over 7 weeks and due around 15th May so who knows.

    Annie...sorry to hear about your mcs. I hope everything goes well for you and you get the reassurance you need x
  • congratulations on your successful scan! i am having mine on monday and i think i should be 7weeks1day, fingers crossed i see a nice strong heartbeat x
  • I had a early private scan yesterday and my bean was 14mm. She dated me as 7 + 4. SO glad that all ok. Think we are going to have another one at 9 weeks as otherwise my worrying goes into overdrive! Glad yours went well too x
  • all good here too. Saw and heard the heartbeat. Sickness too bad to keep a full bladder so pics are a bit rubbish. Dated me at 7+2, so due 18th May. Not that due dates mean anything much! Found some cysts on my ovaries I have to get investigated by the doc though image
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