prenatal vitamins

what prenatal vitamins is everyone taking?


  • I took Natures Prenatal tablets which I ordered online from Nature's Sunshine for my 1st pregnancy so have started taking them again for this one.

    A friend of mine recommended them when I had my daughter and they seemed to be ok so thought i'd give them another try.

    They are quite big, but fairly easy to take.
  • i take the pregnacare vits they are quite big but used them with lo xxx
  • I take pregnacare too, think they're slow releasing so no bright yellow wee. and they're 3 for 2 in tesco's
  • I am taking pregnacare too, but have to take it of an evening otherwise it makes me nauseous! X
  • I'm taking pregnacare too and have just swapped to having them with breakfast instead of evening meal as I was constantly bringing up my dinner, somehow they seem more palatable with cereal!
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