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as if on cue, I'm having exactly the same craving as last pregnancy, at the same time: Meat, and lots of it!

Though last time it was also sweets and cake and chocolate, now I've got a total aversion to tea and coffee, all sweet stuff and most highly flavoured stuff. I just want meat and bland carbs!

Whats on your menu?


  • Lol.....I thought i didn't have cravings....however when i look back i think cheese was one...this time sweeter things although i'm a very savoury person. Peanuts seems to be the thing of the moment...however i am eating in moderation! It's meant to mean you're lacking in something...not sure what peanuts would be...protein??

  • I'm not craving anything just yet but I've gone off tea and coffee big time! Just the thought of it makes me feel sicky!
  • My tea/coffee aversion came on really quickly when a colleague had just made me a cuppa... I literally spat it out. I blamed it on his weak tea, he's still offering to make me a real cup of builder's tea to restore my faith in his tea making skills!
  • snickers bars !!

    i could eat them all day

    with my little girl it was sucking water out of bath sponges (new ones lol) so glad to have a relatively normal one this time lol!
  • Ooh ladies glad you all wrote about this. I thought I was way too early for cravings. But I am really liking fruity things. Loving lilt and starburst. And can't drink tea as it gives me a bad headache! Xx
  • Sucking water out of bath sponges! Thats so funny! Bath water?!

    Snickers bars are probably for the peanuts, too. I've gone right off chocolate image
  • haha no not bath water although little miss has a fondness of doing that now lol

    id just sit the with a bowl of water and a sponge the looks my oh would give me!!

    strangely enough i dont like peanuts by themselves and am never normally a choccy person the things these baby do to us hay lol x
  • Last time I went off drinking coke, and was really into fruity sweets like fruit gums, and mint ice cream. By the end I wanted to eat washing powder tablets!

    I don't seem to be getting so much this time. The odd carby craving for chips, but seem to be more into sweets like refreshers and love hearts than the fruity ones. I used to eat a lot of tomato based pasta but seem to have gone off that! And I can't stand the smell of our cats' food!

    So far I am just enjoying the smell of washing powder, but not wanting to eat it quite yet!
  • No cravings for me yet but I can not stand the thought of eggs, they make me feel really sick. I have to walk quickly past the isle in the super market, even a sign for cheap freerange eggs outside someone's house turned my tummy. I used to love them and know I should be eating them for iron but there's no way that'll be happening xx
  • i have gone off tea and coffee alot also frozen chicken thing like escolops etc make me gag lol and for things i seem to be wanting is baked beans with salad cream mmm but the beans have to be cooked down to mush for them to be acceptable xx
  • haha funny stuff. I dont seem to have much of a "craving" yet but i do feel no matter how sick i feel, a bowl of cereal could go down nicely!

    Im really enjoying my cereal in the mornings, granola, crunchy nut all with nice cold milk. Maybe its a phase but it'll do for now! :lol:
  • Mmmm... Babycarter. Salad cream is the only sauce I can eat, ketchup and brown sauce both make me feel sick xx
  • I spend half the day at the moment thinking about a nice bowl of plain basmati rice!
  • Hiya Ladies,

    My craving is basmati rice on corn thin crackers!! yum yum yum but i've got to eat before 5 pm otherwise it won't stay down! I never had any sickness during my first pregnancy but this time round i've got bad nausea and the inability to eat in the evenings! I could eat Rice for breakfast, dinner and tea!!!

    Still chuckling at sucking water out of a sponge hehe! thats made me smile image

  • Can't bear the thought of tea and coffee with milk but enjoy weak tea with a slice of lemon and half a spoon of sugar! Can't bear any strong smells/flavours so nothing spicy or garlicky, sometimes I can eat meat but it has to be very plain, having trouble with combining different foods on a plate so I can eat either the veg, the meat or the potatoes but not all together!

    Favourite food is potatoes, chips and crisps! and sometimes a rich tea biscuit or two or a couple of cream crackers either dry or with a bit of laughing cow or chedder if I'm feeling ok, oh and crips, did I say crisps? crisps, crisps, crisps mmmmm (I hardly ever used to eat crisps!)
  • tea & coffee have been a no no for weeks now cant abide the smell of coffee even.

    Another sponge sucker here, cant quite believe there's another 1!! not yet so far though! i have a different craving almost everyday ive read before cravings wont lead you wrong & to trust them, i do & as sick as i am none of what ive craved for & eaten has made me vomit weird. Today it was scones with cream & jam, yesterday it was trifle. Another day it was a kebab, but the one i get quite a lot is beef curry & rice. Im a bit worried actually cause i only ever wanted fruit, melons in particular with my other babies & i managed to lose a couple of stone whilst being pregnant, but i aint gonna lose much on a diet lke that! im only eating twice a day though sometimes just once - my craving. god ihope it eases soon image

    KJ. x
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