erghhh my face is breaking out so badly! Yuk. Hormones a raging!

Anyone else?


  • i've had the most spot free face ever......until however the time that my period would have been due at about 8 weeks last week....maybe hormones doing funny things!....i did have the biggest corker ever....not nice!
  • i too am spotty ergh its horrible isnt it xx
  • I'm not spotty now but I did have a very spotty chin for the first three weeks, cleared up in the forth week and my skin is clear again now thank goodness!
  • Mines been quite spotty but also seems to be clearing up now, think I'm about 8 weeks now x
  • thats one area im lucky in pregnancy my skin dries up & my hair becomes less oily.

  • Me. I have loads of spots and I hate them! I feel I can't touch my face at all at the moment. Not that I have perfect skin normally but I've never suffered from this many breakouts and I swear I didn't have this with Jacob! I have to wash my hair everyday this time too whereas I could go up to 4 days last time. I HATE SPOTS!
  • im the same as muppet, no2 pregnancy i am spotty with oily hair!! no1 was fine!

    so annoying, i look about 15!
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