Pelvic Floor Exercises Tips???

Who's been doing their Pelvic Floor Exercises??

I haven't but the midwife has told me how important they are and I'm starting today. I thought I knew how to do them but now I'm not too sure.... anyone got any tips or hints?



  • G/ c from DIM, but I would also love some tips on how to do these. I have been trying them but find it really hard to hold the muscles for more than a couple of seconds- any tips ladies?? xx
  • Definitely make sure you do make sure you remember try and do them everytime you put the kettle on or something you do regularly throughout the day.

    your best to try and tighten the muscles 'pulling up and in' as you breathe out then holding it as you then breathe in and continue breathing (cos its common to hold your breath when you do pelvic floor excercises but they say its better to be able to breathe as you do them so your not caught out by coughing or sneezing!)

    sorry i dont have any other tips for u.

    good luck image

  • Thanks MrsH2009,

    Is it ok to do them standing up? like while the kettle is boiling? I make heaps of tea at work so I'll have super strong pelvic floor muscles, lol xx
  • Yes from all info i was given standing is fine, its worth doing them even though its easy to forget as who wants to pee when they cough?! :lol:
  • Lol, very true xxx
  • Is it like holding yourself in when you need a wee? I never did them with dd but i'm finding myself a little loose down below with this pregnancy so i really wish i'd done them now!
  • Yes Vicki moo, that's exactly what it is xxx
  • G/C but the best tip I can offer is when you go for a wee, try and stop the flow for a few seconds before releasing it again. If you can stop the flow you are using your pelvic floor muscle and doing this everytime you visit the loo will help strengthen it.
  • I have read that stopping urine flow is a good way to find the muscles, but that you shouldn't do this every time you go for a wee as it can make you get infections.

    I read on NHS website that if you pull in your muscles as if you are trying to stop a poo and wee at the same time, these are the right muscles, but I still find it hard to hold this for 10 seconds which is what all the info says :?

    Anyone else with tips??? xx
  • Yes I agree with rachllsn3 - stopping the flow every time you go to the loo isn't recommended!

    In terms of tips: my physio advised me to lie on my back with my feet up flat on the bed, knees bent, and to pull the muscles in first a little bit and hold for a 5 seconds, then a bit more and hold for 5 seconds, then as much as you can and hold for 5 seconds. So you're pulling them in in stages. She said think of it like a lift, going to the first floor then moving straight to the second, then the third, then relax. And she said you can't do them too much in a day so do them as many times as you can.
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