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Hi ladies

How many people have told work? Or when do you plan to tell them.

This is my first pregnancy and i am very nervous about uttering a word before 12 weeks, as you can imagine, however my work are trying to get me to take on more staff and arranging big changes, my boss would be really annoyed if he knew i was pregnant and hadnt said image

However he is also the kind of person that would struggle to keep it confidential. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Any advice i am now 9+3 and havent had my letter yet for my 12 week scan :?



  • Hi i told work quite early....with the theory that they might take it easy on me and put less strain and pressure on me...i do leave prompty but that is about it. I'm sure it will never be as bad as you expect it - they also can't really say or do anything. they are the ones who need to find the solutions to any problems or issues that arise. It is also a personal choice if you decide to tell before 12 weeks, you should let them know though for your well being. It'll be fine! It's life, you won't be first or last.

  • I share management of a department and have told the colleague I share management with, for practical reasons. I've had to go for bloods a couple of times and have to do a 24 hour blood pressure check twice this week.

    I'm not telling my big bosses or HR until after Christmas, unless it becomes obvious! I'll be off for Christmas at 20 weeks. I've only been back from maternity for nearly 2 months so don;t fancy the raised eyebrows until necessary!
  • I haven't told work either. Think they will be really surprised as I always said I wasn't having a second. And I have only been back a while from my last maternity leave. Like waitingforB2 I am going to try to wait till after Xmas but think that's going to be terribly hard. Especially with the Xmas party in-between. But we will see! Xx
  • I told my boss just before i was 8 weeks. Something was telling me to just tell her and be done with it and im so glad i did, as ive got to have some time off today for an antnatal appoint with my doctor, and last week one of our best members of staff announced she was leaving! Somehow my pregnancy is the least of her worries now :lol:

    It is a weight off your shoulders to tell them, my advise would be to just say. At the end of the day women have babies all the time in companies, and (for me anyway) work is a very small part of your life, your baby will be the biggest part for a long time now. You almost have to adpot a bit of a selfish attitude and think, bugger them! image
  • I guess you're not telling them until 12 weeks unless something bad happens between now and then. It's a bit of a morbid thought but maybe ask youself what you'd do if the worst happened and you didn't make it to 12 weeks? I had a miscarriage earlier this year and although I'd not told work yet as I had only just found out myself, I did then tell them when I miscarried as I needed a week off to recover physically then emotioanlly and I wanted my boss to know so I didn't have to lie to him about time off. Also I wanted my immediate room mates to know so they could be supportive and sensitive to what had happened.

    On the other hand I can completely understand you not wanting to play the baby card yet if this is your first. (I'd already had my first child last year so they knew I may well still be in the baby making zone when I had my miscarriage!) I was notified of redundancy 7 days before I found out about my first pregnancy and I didn't tell a soul until I had applied for one of the new jobs and got it a few months later. I then declared my position a week after starting the new job. I felt guilty for "leading them on" but my priority was keeping my job and I felt more comfortable not declaring it until my employment situation was resolved.

    You do what feels best for you, I don't think there's any correct answer to this, it's very subjective and very personal.
  • With my 1st baby I told my immediate amnager at about 6 weeks because I wanted someone in the office to know in case i fainted or had any other odd symptoms so that they would understand why. Also so they didn't ask me to carry anything heavy etc. I also would have wanted someone to know in case something went wrong so they could be sympathetic. I waited until coming into work after my scan to tell everyone else but some had guessed.

    this time i told my immediate manager at 8 weeks and again will try and wait until the scan to tell everyone else but the news has started leaking out to other friends outside of work so we'll see. I think it is helpful for work to know so that they can be understanding if you are feeling rough.

    Also my midwife pointed out it was useful for someone at work to know so that if for example you passed out and fell down the stairs and had to call an ambulance or doctor, that person wuold be able to tell the medical staff you were pregnant
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