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Maternity clothes!

Can anyone help me?!?! In desperate need of some comfort!! Looking for anywhere that does plus size (20) maternity clothes at a reasonable price? :lol:


  • You could have a try at ebay, they do both firsthand from retailers and secondhand from new mums. The other option is to buy from your usual clothes stores in a couple of sizes up to allow the extra 'bump' space.
  • well, it'll be me too soon! When i asked a pal in a similar situation she said she had used New Look, H&M, - reasonable prices and sizes, even mothercare and mamas and papas and just thinking I think Asda have quite a good selection of sizes.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ah, thank you so much ladies. Am off to search the world wide web!! And think I will definitely have to invest in those yoga pants louise1980uk!!

    Thanks again x

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