disppearing sickness?????

long story short. Have had the worst sickness ever now its gone yesterday & today very mild nausea is all. Was given anti sickness tablets cause was becoming dehydrated & looked like death but its not those as i didnt take them cause didnt feel ill enough.

Even though sickness seems to have almost gone my PGP is starting ALREADY!! & (.)(.)'s are sore at times & they have not been up to now. Im worried something has gone wrong though cause the sickness was soooo bad. Ive been spotting every few days since about 6w had a scan all was fine baby had hb & all & the spotting hasnt got any worse. Im 10 weeks.

anyone similiar situation?


  • Hi, saw this on the side bar and wanted to come on just to say I had a similar experience with the dissappearing sickness. I was about 9weeks and it suddenly went, well for a few days and I was worried. All was fine and I am 17wks today. image I think sometimes our bodies trick us as my sickness has bn showing its face again on and off since 12wks. I know how hard it is but try no to worry as the stress doesn't help. When is your 12wk scan? Perhaps you could give your midwife a ring just to get some reassurance?

    Hope you are able to get some rest soon. Good luck! X x
  • hi katy-jo!

    I was never too bad with sickness just felt very sick, but my boobs were the most painful thing for me and yesterday when i woke up i noticed they were no where near as sore as they have been. I to started to worry. I found last night i stayed awake a bit longer than usual, and im not feeling as sick today, the thought of lunch isnt to bad for me.

    i spent a few hours last night googling "dissapearing symptoms" and the gist of it i got was, by the 8th week of pregnancy your hcg levels peak, and from then start to decrease. By the 10th week alot of women were claiming to of lost their symptoms or that there not as bad. Its the start of feeling more human again.

    I would say (like im telling myself) unless you have a real reason to worry, i.e heavy bleeding and very painful cramps try not to worry. Every pregnancy is different and our bodies will do what it needs to do.

    Like star angel said, ring your midwife just to be sure.

    Roll on scan dates though ay! Mines 3rd november...2 and a half weeks to go... image
  • Yes, with my first baby my sickness went away by 11 weeks. I am coming up 10 weeks now so really hoping I am coming to the end of it! I've been suffering really badly the last couple of weeks but am feeling much better today so hopefully will start feeling more myself for a bit! I remember last time the tiredness got less bad around the same time apart from odd days when I over did it.

    I'm sure if anything was wrong you would be having different symptoms associated with that.

    My scan is on 1st nov, not long to go!
  • My nausea started at 5.5 weeks and completely disappeared about 10 days ago, I am 10+5 today. I was worried too but heard baby's heartbeat this morning on my fetal heart monitor. Try not to worry too much xx
  • i started feeling sick at 2 weeks really early (mw winding me up about twins) anyway i'm 11+1 now and haven't felt sick at all for a few days now try not to worry hun as lots of womens sickness goes suddenly make the most of it ! it may return xxx
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