feeling emotional?

Is anyone else feeling ridiculously emotional at the moment?

I seem to wake up for work at the moment and feel close to tears at the thought that I have to wake up my 2 year old who is usually still asleep and take her off to nursery / granny's, I feel stupidly guilty about it.

Then I also keep getting emotional at work. I cried in my annual review the other day because I felt like they were telling me I wasn't doing a good enough job, and I feel like no-one thinks I am as good any more since I came back from maternity leave. It seems like it is an inconvenience to everyone now I only work 3 days a week and I don't get to do any of the interesting stuff the full time girls do. The girl who covered my maternity leave has stayed on and it feels like everyone thinks she is so much better than me.

Is anyone else feeling irrationally upset and paranoid like this??? :?


  • I have had a few very bad days hun!! my poor oh doesn't know what to do with me!! I can cry at the most stupid things!! its just our hormones raging hun xx hope u feel better soon xx oh and paranoid lol very if my oh comes in and is quiet i start the interrogation!! imagexxx
  • Glad you put this up. I'm having a really topsy turvy week. On tues went too work really jovial and happy, followed by wanting to snap peoples heads off, followed by being teary over a lunchtime conversation that shouldn't have affected me at all, but maybe them. Then my grand finale was our bursar being in a harassed mood taking her woes out on me which led to me sobbing uncontrollably, with all the noises to go with it. The more I tried to stop the worse it got! A vast over reaction to a situation I could have normally handled! That was my most weird mixed emotion day! But still a bit weepy 2 days on.
  • I compared my mood to very bad pmt!!! image
  • Oh gosh yes! OH got back from work yesterday evening and before he'd managed to step over the threshold I had thrown myself into his arms and was sobbing. It was freezing cold in my house because the heating wasn't coming on regularly yet (it is now!) and I had been having a low moment about my daughter not eating and I was starting to feel really tired and cold and ill andsorry for myself, and then I heard him at the front door and the relief was so massive I burst into tears. Later on he said he thought somthing dreadful had happened! Oops. :roll:
  • Had another really bad day today ended up in tears and biting oh's head off constantly!! think once i get the scan out of the way i will feel better i'm so worried and have no idea why!! I never had problems early on with my last pregnancy just later when i had a bleed and developed pre eclampsia , as this pregnancy has felt so different from the start i just don't know what to expect image i have been such a dragon today even my poor ds was in tears but he did give me big cuddles which always makes me feel better imageanyway feel slightly better for getting it off my chest :cry:image
  • Yeah, I think I am finding it harder 2nd time round, not helped by the fact my OH puts the guilt trips on me if I am not feeling well and he has to do more around the house or with our 2 year old! But we had a chat about it the other night and one of the women at work has given him a lecture about how men have no idea what women go through when they are pregnant, so hopefully things will get better!
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