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20 week or gender scan dates



  • Oh and we'll be team yellow
  • Hi, 20 week scan 21 st december, at the moment thinking we will try to find out gender, but not fully convinced!
  • Ours is 4th Jan, will be staying yellow!
  • Hello all Mummy's to be... I am new to this so please bear with me with all the abbreviations as i'm struggling lol...

    My 20 week scan is the 13th December and I will be 20+0weeks and I am hoping to find out whether I have a pinky or bluey providing he/she doesn't have the legs crossed...

    image Happy Pregnancies to all xx
  • Hi

    My scan is on the 16th Dec, and i will be 19+5 image

    We are almost definately going to find out what we are having but still have the smallest bit of doubt as to whether we should lol!

  • 20 week scan on 22nd Dec and trying to resist finding out the sex!
  • Hi girls, my scan is on 20th December when I'll be 19+3. I'm going to try to find out the sex image
  • My 20 week scan is 20th December and we really want to find out the sex, can't wait!
  • Ours is on 11th jan. And we will probably find out gender is baby's flashing.
  • I've got my scan 6 January image xx
  • Thought I'd update this thread so we can compare notes image

    Had my 20wk scan 20th Dec, baby is doing well and no problems, except for me having a low lying placenta so FC that sorts itself out soon, I have another scan booked at 34 weeks to check again.

    And we are having a little girl, we are both so thrilled! image
  • Hi Palepinkroses - lovely lovely lovely news - a little pink bundle all snug in your tummy image,

    fingers crossed you placenta shifts soon image

    lots of love

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