Our Pram is on order - so excited!

Hi everyone,

We ordered our pram/travel system with Mothercare this weekend using their babyplan scheme, means we can pay it off between now and february, and have it delivered to us in March!

We've gone for the Oyster with the black chassis and the grape colour pack. We have ordered the pushchair and carrycot and the maxi-cosi cabiofix car seat. We have the option to change our minds on the colour up to 10 days before delivery date which is good because I love a lot of the options! DH prefered the grape best though so we went with that image

It's good to know that we have made a start now on our baby shopping, can't wait to shop for more now!

Anyone else bought anything yet?


  • Aaaaaaaargh how exciting!!! Can't wait to get a pram! The oyster looks gorgeous! And the payment plan sounds like a fab idea! We like Jane prams but can't find them anywhere to try out in person, so frustrating! but spose it doesn't really matter as I still haven't managed to get the courage to buy Bubs anything yet image I'm rubbish. But so excited for u hon woooop!! Xxxxx
  • Yey!! That's fab! I love posts like this one.

    My friend has given me a moses basket that she has just finished using. Its gorgeous and on a rocking stand we always give it a quick rock when walking past, lol xx
  • g/c but just wanted to say we have the oyster and love it! xxx
  • I havent ordered anything either the only thing i have is a pack of nappies that were free from huggies.

    I just havent plucked up the courage yet, and am convincing myself we will start buying after our 20 weeks scan on the 16th Dec image

    I really like the 3 wheeler pram/pushchairs

  • Oooh yes pondering123, us too, we are hunting down the Jane Slalom Reverse! OH is lecturing me on how I need to get over my superstitions and start buying baby stuff, but I'm still to scared of jinxing us :'( I tried on Saturday after we had our gender scan, but just couldn't- so am telling him (and myself) that I'll DEF do it after the 20wk scan lol!

    Sorry for being a thicko but I've been trying to figure out for ages... what does g/c mean????!!! imageops:
  • Hi cantwait4lo's,

    G/C means group grashing xxx
  • Thanks for your comment MrsH2009, glad you like the Oyster!

    I was originally looking at 3 wheelers but some of them seemed a bit flimsy and they don't have very big baskets, hubby prefered four wheelers as they are more sturdy so we chose the Oyster because the styling is similar to the Quinny Buzz (my prev favourite) but has four wheels, it also folds down small enough for our Clio and the Oyster works out cheaper than the Quinny and other similar models, it was also more comfortable for me to push, at 5'2" some models are just too high!
  • Ah how exciting palepink! Everybody is so clued up on prams...to me your all talking a foreign language :lol:

    We have alot to learn!

    Not bought anything at all yet, we will probaly start looking properly in the new year, get all the expense of xmas out the way first!

    I find im looking more into how i want to decorate the nursery than anything else!

  • Thanks pudding!! imageops: imageops:
  • the oyster is great for small boots -mil has a ka! all the wheels can be removed really quickly and they are solid wheels so do not puncture like some prams! ds has been and remains comfy in it so no complaints here plus for a compact travel system the shopping basket is really big! gets well used by me!! x
  • We have ordered our pram too image we have gone for the icandy pear as we need a double, George will be 2 2 months after baby is here so I also wanted something that can convert into a single as I'm holing he won't be in it long. Im getting soooo excited now, still slightly nervous about being a mummy of 3 though :lol: xx
  • Next big purchase on the list is the cot but I must admit I'm most excited about going shopping for little clothes, DH has said it's too soon for that but I can't wait :lol:
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