so nervous about scan on wed!!!

Hi girls,

I suffered a missed miscarriage in April, after TTC for 2 years and starting the fertility tests, I had a early scan and showed heartbeat, but baby was 1week Behind my dates but that was no big deal. Anyway I had awful cramps at night and everyone said they were normal, I was working away and then wen I got 12 week from lmp I had brown spotting. Went to a&e as it was bank holiday weekend and after begging them, got a scan that day, and got the awful news. Baby looked like it had got to 7-8 weeks and stopped developing...

It was an awful time. Couldn't believe I got preg so quick this time, Im off work, my jobs stressful, and physical at times, I got scan at 9 weeks and 10 weeks which were amazing!!!! Now I'm waiting for a 13 week scan on wed, and I'm all nervous again!!



  • Hi, I was feeling exactly the same as you last monday, my last preg ended in m/c so I was convinced this one would. But my scan was fantastic!! Saw a baby straight away so relaxed immediately. Its completely normal to be feeling how you are and I know nothing I say will make you relax, all I can suggest is trying to keep busy until Weds, it obviously won't take your mind off scan but may help a little!! Massive good luck vibes coming your way!!

  • thanks jojo, only 19 hours to wait now! Fingers crossed.
  • me too have mine tomorrow & although ive had 2 already one at 12 weeks, got heartbeat at drs. 2 weeks ago & she says i feel about 3 weeks ahead of my dates, i cant help but be nervous! i think it stems from guilt TBH i wasnt exactly over the moon about this pregnancy so its like im expecting to be punished for being so ungrateful when sooo many are TTC just 1 for years. Had a complete turnaround now & I cant wait image

    Sorry i didnt mean to take over your thread! the best of luck today. image xx
  • O skinny latte let me know how you get on. If a preg not planned its bound to b a shock, we've waited for this baby for long time, and I'm still scared of being a mom!

    Well... The scan went great! He or she still measuring exactly to my dates, she has got herself into a wee corner of the sac and was tucked up so our pic doesn't show legs well, we got to hear the heart beat and it was amazing!!! image

    But I might have a uti so waiting on lab results to c if I need anti-biotics.
  • So pleased for you hun, came on here hoping for that update!! Hopefully you will start to relax a bit now!! Hope the uti clears up quickly!

  • Ahh great news MAB! we had a great appointment, all we can do now is wait!! xx
  • thanks girls,

    lets hope the next 6 months go by nice n smooth for us! That's great jojo!


    Have 20 week scan on 11th Jan. And see midwife on 20th Dec. O and I don't need anti-biotics! Backache has cleared on its own. I guess our bodies are pretty cool sometimes actually. :lol:
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