Had my Scan!!

Had my proper scan yesterday & met with my consultant. Fab appointment, in & out in 2 hours nice chat with a midwife too about different bits & pieces.

Baby is doing great 15+4 today & EDD is 15th May which is my nephew's birthday so he's delighted with himself! Got a fright at first no movement & i couldnt see the obvious flicker of the heart I was like why is not moving make it move!! he said baby's fine we'll make it move in a minute whisht will ya! he took measurements then while baby was sleeping & then jiggled my belly & woke it up! felt bad then lol!! lively little thing pics are crap cause wouldnt keep still. At one point baby's legs were open & then pulled knees up i couldnt see anything obvious so im thinking we're pink but hubby was like the whole baby is only 8cm how would you see a weaner!! Ive been worried becuase i couldnt keep down folic acid down until recently so he had a really good look at the spine from different positions & said it looks normal thank god. Did a really thorough scan for about 15 mins it was great.

Also got the green light for a VBAC & he said its less risky for mum & baby than a repeat elective section so encourages them. I had Gest. Diabetes last time around & if i get it again i cannot go past term so was worried i'd have no choice but a section as induction is usually a no no after section, but he said for someone who has had multiple normal deliveries with no progression problems he will allow some form of induction as it wont take much to start me off. He said if i had never laboured before though it would be different as it takes much more to get you going. So unless bump is breech again looks like ill get my VBAC so Im over the moon & so is OH image


  • that's great skinny latte!!

    I've seen no obvious movement on my scans, she or he is always sleeping. My amniotic sac is a funny shape too but doc not concerned, lol. So your next scan will be at 20 weeks then??


    ps I'm due 2 weeks after you, the race is on!
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