Anyone else still here who doesn't want to join the facebook group?

Hello Ladies,

Seeing as its SOOOO quite in here now, just wondering if there is anyone still about?

I personally can't stand facebook. I have had a account in the past but deactived it as I just found it all so pathetic (just my opinion). I got sick of logging on to see 'I'm not feeling well today- I have a cold' or 'I've had steak for tea', blah blah blah. lol.

I find it quite a shame that these forums are set up so that soon to be mommies can chat about things without having to know everything about each other. I am a very private person and don't want to world knowing 'who I'm friends with' etc.

This post is not meant to offend (I'm sorry if it does) but just wondered if anyone is still about or if I'm going to have to find another forum to chat about things?



  • Hiya,

    I'm not on facebook - i was for a time but found it to be to intrusive and people at my work were starting to snoop on my profile for any dirt they could use agaisnt me at work so i had to delete my profile. I'm sad its gone so quiet on here now its such a shame :cry:. I'm thiking of gate crashing the Due in June group as i'm due 22nd May so may well have a June baby in the end anyways.

    I hope we hear from the girls again soon - it was lovely to come onto these forums but now it's just like a ghost town!


  • G/C from due in June.... You're more than welcome to join us
  • You don't need to have everyone and their mother knowing everything about you- set up a profile that has nothing on it to access the group! We haven't automatically 'friended' each other and my privacy settings are high so people can't see my messages/wall/pictures etc.

    Despite me using fb a lot, I still think its a shame its so quiet here - I can access BE from work but I can't access fb!

  • It is such a shame its gone so quiet - i can't access facebook at work either but can this site,

  • I'm still here, I am on Facebook but haven't joined the group!! X
  • hi im still here im also on facebook but not joined either love sarah xxx
  • hi.........i have facebook....but i can't join the group because i am a teacher and it wouldn't be professional for people to find out that way....or at this stage....e.g. parents etc!

    i have found using the forum really useful and friendly and have found it a a great shame over the last few weeks that no one seems to be updating..connecting etc.

    so it'd be really good if people get back to using this again in my opinion!
  • Make your group secret so nobody can see it or who is on it.

    What you could do (and I have done in the past) is set up a fb page just for forum use. Just have people from your babyexpert group and even have a fake surname so nobody finds you on a search. I'm sure nobody on here would mind it wasn't your real surname!
  • I'm still here too! Have requested to join the FB group but haven't got access yet. But am.still gonna b posting on here, I wondered where everyone had gone! I agree its a shame image
  • I'm a teacher too, I don't have any students, parents or colleagues on my friends list for professional reasons, and my security settings are so high you can't search for me unless you are already friends with me!
  • I'm still about, all be it occasional. I can't access this site on my mobile and I only use a computer the 2 days a week I'm at work. If you have requested to be added to the group, we've had some problems since Friday. Sorry, we're trying to sort it. X
  • I'm still here. Let's get Due in May active again!!
  • I'm still here image I am a member of the fb group but that doesn't mean I don't want to post here, I like it here image
  • Im still here also! Log on everyday so lets start these posts going again yay! xx
  • Yay, I'm so pleased I'm not the only one!! I thought everyone had gone.

    One of my issues with facebook was people from work trying to snoop too.

    Perhaps its just gone quiet for a while because we're inbetween the 12 week and 20 week scan stage (maybe) lol.

  • LOL I'm still about image i go on fb but always pop on if i can xxx
  • just to let everyone know the group is now secret completely invisible to all! If u wish to join befriend me Carly Featon and i'll add u then will delete u as my friend xx image i understand if u don't use FB i will still be here daily to keep in touch with u all xxx
  • Jacobsmummy had a gender scan recently - does anybody know if she's having a girl or a boy - i'm excited to start hearing about what colour bumps we all have image

  • Wow. I've not been on here for ages but wasn't expecting everyone to have left already!!! I am part of a secret Facebook group for my Due in January 2010 group, but I don't think it was set up until all of our babies were born and we had really bonded with eachother, and I didn't join it personally until a few months ago when I was finally feeling brave enough.

    I'm with you anyway, I'm a very private person and, without meaning any offence, until I "know" you all a bit better I'll stick to the forum.

    : )

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