hows everyone doing?

I haven't been on here much lately i wondered how everyone was feeling and getting along? I have another cold and feel pooh!! but am looking forward to my scan in a couple of weeks image getting rather excited about finding out if its a brother or sister for my son image image image


  • Hi Carlyfee,

    Sorry to hear you're suffering with a cold, I'm praying I don't come down with one as I've been sneezing almost non stop for days, hope you feel better soon.

    What date is your scan? Mine's 20th Dec and like you I can't wait! Really excited to find out if we're having a little girl or boy!
  • Sorry to hear your not feeling very well Carlyfee. Hope you feel better soon.

    I had terrible sickness yesterday which left me in bed all day. I haven't felt like that since my morning sickness ended around 12weeks. I'm 16+2 now, so was a little unexpected. But today I feel right as rain again, strange!!

    Palepinkroses- I'm jealous, I've got to wait until 6th of January for my scan. I'll be 20+6 by then, I was hoping it would be earlier than 20 weeks not later, grrrr. lol.

    Was it an easy decision for you both to find out the sex? We are having a real hard time trying to decide what to do. We make a decision, then someone sticks their nose in and it makes us question it again. :evil:

  • Ahh Mrs m1986 glad u are feeling better!! xxx Palepinkroses mine started with constant sneezing i feel like i'm allergic to everything!!! image

    I decided i wanted to know the sex mainly cos i have a little boy and loads of baby boy clothes saved image I can wash it all ready if its a boy if a girl i get to go shopping either way i'll be in my element image

    Don't let anyone influence ur decision if u want to know find out and anyone who says u shouldn't don't tell them what ur having LOL bet they ask soon enough image))its a choice that can only be made by you i bet deep down u have made up your mind xxx

    My scan is 23rd of December just in time for Christmas image I have a doppler scan on 12th of January so if baby misbehaves i'll ask them to check at that scan too image xxx image
  • How lovely you get to find out just before christmas, what a great early christmas present!!!

    Yes, I have made my mind up, I want to find out what we are having but my dear husband is easy to influence and someone at the weekend had the nerve to tell him it's not so special if you know what your having. How dare they!! So he's on the fence again. People and their opinions are really starting to get on my nerves. :roll:
  • hi ladies,

    sorry i haven't posted for a few days - i've been really really really poorly :cry: . I got a twinge in my tummy on Saturday night before bed and put it down to stretching pains. Got up on Sunday morning and proceeded to be sick every 1/2 hour all day!! ended up in hopsital on sunday night with ketones of +4 and blood in my urine :cry: . I feel so weak at the moment and worried for my little bubs in there - I'm hoping he/she is a strong little mite and is holding on!. Not got my 20 weeks scan till the 9th Jan (when i'll actually be 21+6) so ordered myself a doppler (Sonoline B) to keep checking the heartbeat until my scan. Doctors have put my sickness down to gastroenteritis and said sickness should start to pass today! I've been drinking diarolite (lovely stuff) but hoping to start eating again today.

    Hope all you ladies steer clear of these nasty bugs,


  • Oh Hun !! how awful I do hope u are feeling much better soon!!! its so worrying xxx there are so many horrid bugs about image my son has had cold after cold and has a terrible cough now! i keep sneezing and i mean 10-15 times every time i start!! Knocks my socks off!!

    if ur worried tho hun keep going to ur midwife thats what they are there for she will check baby's heart beat! them dopplers can scare u half to death as its not easy to pick up the heart beat xxxx
  • Oh babyprincess so sorry to hear you have been very poorly!

    Hope your feeling back to yourself very soon, nasty winter bugs!

    And carlyfee, hope your cold is easing now. I to have been suffering with a bit of a cold, feeling very bunged up and dont really want to take anything so im just trying to let my body deal with it the natural way!

    Other than that im feeling pretty good now, untill this cold my energy had returned and i was able to stay awake at the weekends past 11!!

    Have my second midwife appointment this afternoon, hopefully hubbys taking his lunchbreak then so he can come to. Should get to hear the heartbeat, cant wait to hear that!

    My 20 week scan isnt till 29th so not quite before xmas but just after! We are not finding out the sex, i just hope nothing gives anything away during the scan. I will say to them as we go in, we are not finding out so dont tell us! lol.

    Bump is growing bigger, i wear a uniform for my work, think ill give it till the new year and ill start wearing something a bit more compfy! Plus it'll be nice to show bump off a bit better, i quite like to wear tight fitting tops so i can show it off hehe. Looking forward to getting some maternity bits in the january sales!

    Ive just started to feel baby for the first time lately aswell, its such a nice feeling. A bit fluttery and twitch like. Wish hubby could feel it now.

    Can you believe we are all neary half way through our pregnancies, scary!

  • ahh Glittery_em i try to wear fitted clothes too i love having a bump image

    My cold is a bit better bar the sneezing ,but am having a very off day hormonal isn't the word! I can't stop crying!!!!! I feel so unhappy and that i'm a bad mummy to my son! he went preschool looking like a scruff after we got behind this morning and were running late image I hate this part of pregnancy i never really got this bad when pregnant with my son ! I Hope i feel better soon ! need to stop crying before i dehydrate!! image :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • hi ya

    sounds like a few of us are under the weather!...wishing well to all others who have been poorly, everything seems to be so much harsher when pregnant.

    i've ended up with a chest infection this week, not been able to breath at all, given antibiotics on wednesday....ended up calling out emergency doctor on fri....sort of hallucinating (think a high fever)...and having panic attack about it....not me at all image......still didn't feel right by yesterday, ended up going to the docs twice in one day as i just didn't feel settled. Kept feeling really out of control and panicky - think due to no sleep for 3 nights from having to sit up because i couldn't breath. doc then gave me....diazepam!!!! was very nervous about taking...for baby sake...but in end i did take one last night to get sleep and i have felt 100% better today....phew!.............not a nice week at all image

    Advice....if you begin to feel unwell, coldy etc...just rest and take it easy rather than carrying on working like me!....think my husband thought i had gone mad...i am more my sane self now....and think i won't have any more of the diazepam.....she only gave me a little to get through the stress of it all really. she thinks hormones were making everything worse and the fact that my body was protecting my baby and not made everything worse.......

    ahhhhh.......what an essay....good to get off my chest as it were.....

    we do have to take it easy and look after ourselves.

    oh i have a's brillian....can hear baby moving as well.

    Scan is 21st December and we are going to find out if we can....can't wait!!

    again wishing you all well....sorry for my long one!
  • Aww Annie sounds like u have really been through it image Glad u are feeling better now tho xxx image i feel 100% better today so far! I can change like the wind tho! i will be glad when i have had my 20 week scan as have been really panicky about it x unsure why ?? hormones are running riot!!! image :roll: won't be long and we will all have had our 20 week scans image releif all round when thats over with image image image
  • hi girls!

    I hope everyone starts to feel better, my nausea still creeps up on me, no pattern, last was sick 10 days ago, was nearly sick y day. Have stodgy round log pain and hip pain on and off, not too bad though.

    ISO HAPPY TO B Preggers!

    I feel bad as I'm off sick from work as I miscarried earlier in yr and feel stressed at work. Due back on 27th Dec.

    20 week scan on 11th Jan.

    Any one watching a baby story on home and health?
  • Hi Mad-about-bump Your doing right thing staying away from stress bless ya xxx I still feel sick sometimes usually if i'm hungry or tired image

    Haven't seen that programme when is it on???
  • its on sky 254, basically all day has bringing home baby, home birth diaries and bringing home baby. Good when there's nothing else on, but being American I can only watch 1 or two a day. Lol hope I don't offend!!
  • LOL I know what u mean LOL if i get the chance to i will take a look usually my two year old hogs the tv ! LOL xx
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