Really fed up!

Sorry to have a rant but I am feeling really sorry for myself today!! And a bit worried image I'm 19+6 and I've been feeling really, really tired the last couple of weeks, almost as rough as I felt in my first trimester! After about 14 weeks I started feeling almost normal again, wouldn't say I was energetic in particular but I was living a normal life, going to work all day and staying up until 10ish etc. But the last couple of weeks I can't seem to keep my eyes open and have to go to bed as soon as I get home from work at 6/7pm, rubbish! Plus am feeling really dizzy all the time now, not just when I get up too quickly, and am sooo thirsty all the time even though I carry a water bottle with me and drink constantly throughout the whole day n evening. At my 16 week antenatal (the only time I've ever been able to see her!), my midwife told me I had low blood pressure, 98/54, and to make sure I kept myself hydrated, and I told her I was thirsty all the time and drinking loads but she said my pee was normal and just to drink more. So today I tried to book an appointment to see her as I'm a bit worried about the dizziness (with driving etc) and I was told she's not available until the New Year!!!!!! Tried ringing the midwife team's helpline but no one ever answers and as a last resort tried calling my midwife's mobile, but it's constantly switched off. Feel really alone and worried. The earliest I can see my GP is tomorrow but bless her as lovely as she is she's not a midwife and usually just tells me to see my midwife or -get some rest'. What am I supposed to do? Have any of you ladies had trouble getting access to a midwife? I just can't believe I am unable to see someone until next year! :cry:


  • Hiya,

    sorry to hear you are having a rubbish time at the moment. I dont live in the UK so i don't know quite know how your NHS system differs to ours on the Isle Of Man but if you are really worried why not attend your local A&E department. I know that we are told if we have concerns out of surgery hours to go to our local A&E whereas, at 20 weeks we can go straight to the maternity ward within our local hospital. Even if they just listen into babe and let you know all is well it'll put your mind at ease.

    Hope i've helped,


  • Thank you BabyPrincess! It's great that at 20 weeks you can go straight to maternity, I wonder if its the same where I am? I wouldnt even know how to find out though- apart from asking my midwife LOL! I think I'll ask my GP tomorrow, dont expect she will know the answer though! Feel completely alone at the moment, OH is working away until Friday so that doesn't help. Thanks for your reply though, it means a lot xxxxxxxxx
  • Sorry your having a bad time cantwaitforlos!

    I feel like my midwife(s) are rubbish so wouldnt no what to do in an emergency! When i had my 16 week appointment i saw a different midwife to who i saw at 8 weeks. Turns out they alternate 1 month in clinic 1 month in hospital. So every appointment i will see either/or! Plus, they both work with the hospital i have chosen NOT to go to, so i wont even see these midwifes when it comes to having the baby!

    I to feel a bit left alone to get on with it, but luckily have felt quite well since getting over morning sickness.

    At the end of the day they are there to help us and if your not well then its not good enough you cant see one, i think you need to get hormonal on their arses! :lol:

    I dont think we are alone in the rubbish midwife department, it really varies from county to county aswell.

    Hope your feeling better very soon xx
  • Hiya sorry your feeling so rubbish! if u ring your local hospital they will put u through to maternity debt speak to them i bet they will have u in to check your wee again! did she just dip it or send it for analysis?? xx she sounds more than useless!! hope u get sorted hun xxx
  • hey hun, i have the same issues word for word.

    my blood pressure is 103/52 and thats not good really, im dizzy a lot too. I am drinking my ass off and weeing allllll day, grr!

    my MW is also pretty useless. Id ring your local maternity unit and explain you cant see ur MW but ur concerned, do you have a maternity unit at ur hosp?

    hope ur feeling ok and taking it easy, pregnancy is blimming hard work on these bodies!

  • Thank you ladies. Although I'm sorry to hear you also have a rubbish midwife service it makes me feel a bit less alone to know it's not just me being paranoid or overly demanding!!

    carlyfee i did ring the hospital in the end... but couldnt get an answer there either! image So I waited to see my GP and she said what I thought she would, that I need to rest more, but she didn't test my pee or anything, not even a dipstick! She did my bp and it's gone up a bit to 113/69 thankfully but I still feel like crap. She's signed me off work with stress of all things!!! I explained how I was feeling and how it's come on in the last couple of weeks but she still thought the dizziness and tiredness were down to stress... so I have 3 weeks off work in total with the Christmas break then I've got to go back to see her if I'm feeling no better. I'm not saying that my work isn't stressful, but I didn't think you got dizzy/thirsty/tired just from stress?? Anyway, I had my 20 weeks scan the other day and Bubs is fine thankfully image If I keep feeling crap I'm going to phone the hospital again... and hope someone answers it this time!!!

    Hope you ladies start to have better luck with your midwives as we get further on! Glitteryem it sucks that you will have a totally different midwife there when you go to have your baby!! I actually have no idea who will be there when I do but I will bet money on my midwife being on leave LOL!!

    Hope you start to feel better rosemary20uk, I'm glad my bp is too low rather than too high obviously but it makes thing so hard doesnt it! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Sorry to hear your feeling rough image I was signed off work for a week with stress/hyperemesis as I felt like you, been back since yesterday and feel like [email protected], can't wait for christmas to have another rest!

    Hope you're feeling better soon xx
  • Hi chuck,

    Low bloody pressure can be a common feature of pregnancy, once you get hold of your mw, perhaps find out whether you could have a blood test to check iron levels, if they are low, on top of low bloody pressure this could cause the additional tiredness.

    Also make sure to eat little and often, bananas, nuts etc - things that will give a steady energy release!

    Rach image
  • Thanks girls.

    PalePinkRoses, that cant be much fun image hope you're feeling a bit better now & had a good rest over Xmas xxxx

    MrsRF, thank u so much for the advice! I've got some blood tests booked tomorrow to check my glucose and iron levels, and also my thyroid and renal functions so hopefully they can get to the bottom of it! xxx
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