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Room for another...?

Hi Ladies! Is there room for another? I'm expecting baby number 2 and am due 9th May according to an early scan but i'm due my dating scan on monday so will see what they say...

I already have a 2 year old DS who is lovely and keeps me on my toes. My hubby and i have been married for 5 years and i'm 28 years old. Would be lovely to chat to you all. I made some awesome friends on here last time round who i'm still in regular contact with now. 

I hope you're all we and i'm widshing you all happy and healthy pregnancies. xx


  • Welcome to due in May image 

    I think you will be probably the first one in our little group to have a dating scan! Very exciting, hope you will update us on how it went. Good luck!

    This is a nice friendly group and it is getting busier every day it will be lovely to chat to another mummy to be xx


  • Hello Mummy2K - it looks like we are due on the same day!

    Welcome to the group x

    Wishing you a safe and happy pregnancy x

  • Mummy2K, have you had your scan? Hope it went well if you have image xx

  • Hi Ladies! Hope you're all well. I had my scan, i've actually had 4 now! This is because i paid for one private at 8 weeks. Then my hospital sent me one but i was only 10 weeks so they booked me in again at 12 weeks so i could have the NT screening. Then i changed hospital so ended up having everything done again including another scan! I have a very active bean as it has been wriggling away at every scan. My son was always asleep so it's been nice lol.

    I'm now 13+4 and feeling fine. No sickness what so ever and i've begun to tell people so it's nice. Just a bit worried about work now though as hey've announce redundancies! I find out in the new year if i'll be out of a job or  not...:0/

    I hope everyone else is well and bumps are coming along nicely. xx

  • Hello and welcome! image this is also our second baby, we have a dd who's 20 months old. I'm also due 9th May, according to scan but I think it's more like 15th, I guess we'll agree a date next time I see the midwife.

    I was feeling pretty grim a few weeks ago but over the worst of it now, just feel shattered on an evening! Glad you're feeling ok too. Lucky you having so many scans! x
  • I'm lying on the sofa with the headache from hell!

    Argh, at least the heartburn seems to have gone!

    How is everyone else doing?

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