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Had my scan :)

Hi all just to update had my scan all was fine image baby was bouncing around all over the place!! Lol!! Just told my other two dc but told them its a secret for now just to see if they keep it and also till I tell work image my ds is really excited but claims he will be too busy to do anything now he is going to have another baby brother or sister!! Lol my dd thinks its going to be like her dolls! image


  • Yeyy, glad all went well image

    Whats your official due date now? xx

  • Aww yay exciting! My scan is on Thursday, can't wait, just want to know everything is ok then we can start planning & enjoying it a bit more image x
  • 11th may image I told my dc and my dd just blurted it out to someone!! Kids!! Lol x
  • I had my scan today and my due date is around 18 may image its a girl image

    during the last U/S I had measured 3.2 mm NT and was very worried bu today this problem was resolved and the doctor said I am having a healthu baby image Yuhuuuu

  • Yey glad all is ok image TinTin thats great news as well, congrats. Lol at DD blurting it out - I havent told my almost 4 year old yet as I know he will do the same!! xx

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