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12 week scan today!

Morning ladies....well the day is finally here, got my scan at 11.30 this morning! Kept waking up in the night (more than usual ha) so I'm glad it's morning! Feel a bit anxious but feel more positive than I did at this point with dd as I'd had no symptoms whatsoever in the first 11 weeks! This time I feel pregnant every day! image Good to hear everyone else's scans have gone well so far x


  • Good Luck, hope it goes well....let us know how you get on! My scan is monday so a few more days for me to wait...its going so slow...I am excited and anxious at the same time!! xx


  • Good luck MrsB, hope all goes really well xx

  • Awww it was amazing!!! image all is well! So happy & relieved image baby measured 67.3mm so they have moved my due date forward to 9th May making me 13 wks today! I'm not expecting baby to come on time tho as my last period was 8th August so we hadn't even ov & dtd 13 wks ago! Ha...anyone else had this? xx
  • Well they put me ahead 3 days but my baby is only 58mm ...10mm sounds a lot for 2 days behind doesnt it lol x

  • I know yeah. Tbh she struggled to get the measurement so I'm thinking it's not 100% accurate anyway! I'll mention it to my midwife when I see her & see what she says. Hmmmm. Maybe it's just a big baby! x
  • Me too, we jumped a week! Now due on the 2nd of May!

    I bet I end up in April before the 9 months is through!

    MrsB - A big baby! Or bless us all we have got our timings wrong or the scans know something we don't! he he

  • 13 weeks takes me back to before my last period tho...argh confused! x
  • They moved me on 5 days an there's twins in there so either they got it wrong or it's gonna be big twins! I would've thought if there's 2 got to fit in surely they wud b a bit smaller but maybe they'll all slow down the nearer we get 2 due dates x
  • I have been moved forward 8 days!! Thought I was 12+1 but they put me at 13+2! Very confusing as I know when I ov'd?!! Looks like we are all having big babies!  xx

  • so glad all went well MrsB, take care hun xx

  • I had this with my youngest. I had an mmc and fell straight away before my first af, so when they dated me at my scan I knew they were wrong - basically I would still have been pregnant with the baby I lost when they claim I fell pregnant! At that point I hadnt even found out I'd lost the baby! Turned out he was just a big baby - 10 lb 15 oz!!! If you're sure of your dates, talk to your mw and they might agree to either re-scan you or give you a growth scan later on xx

  • Got my scan this afternoon cant wait to see our baby for first time, bit nervous at the same time as being excited

  • did you scan go? Any update?

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