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Had my scan today!!


Finally had my scan today and everything looked great! Baby was fast asleep and in the wrong position for measurements so I had to go for a walk to try and wake him/her! Luckily baby started moving about...they have dated me 8 days ahead of what I thought so I am 13+2 and due 11th May image

Has anyone else had the downs syndrome screening? I decided to go ahead because I am classed as an older mum (I am 38). So I am now waiting for the results of the blood test...nuchal fold looked good at 1.8mm. Fingers crossed for a low risk result!

So happy and relieved that all looked finally seems real now and we can start telling people image



  • Hi babe33,

    Thats lovely, great news! It's amazing isn't it. I couldn't believe how clear you could see everything. I was bought forward by 5 days which really threw me out at the beginning - I'm now 15+1 and already getting excited about my 20 week scan, I can't wait to see the baby again.

    I'm 35 and also decided to have the downs test. I have had the all clear with it being low risk, I'm sure you will too - no news is good news! xx

  • Hi, so pleased all went well an u didn't get a shock like mine ha-ha, I was going to have the downs test but as I went on holiday it was gonna b to late to do it, so now I have the dilemma of whether to go for an amnio or cvs test which I would have to travel an hour away for because it's twins, but as I'm only 32 I'm wondering whether to put the babies through it, HELP what should I do!?!?!?!? x x

  • Glad all is well image I had the nuchal measurement with my first, but they lost my bloods so it didnt give me a proper result! I had the full tests with my second though and all was fine (though I was only 26). I'm 28 now and will have them again, I'd rather know than not. Lorraine congrats on the twins!! Thats a hard choice to make... were they able to do the bloods? I honestly don't know what to suggest!! xx

  • I asked about having the blood test at 16 weeks but they said it wouldn't give a true result as theres 2 of them, just not sure whether to go ahead with an invasive test or not, I've got an app with a consultant next week so I'll see what he has to sayimage x

  • Its hard isn't it..... the blood tests still only give you a risk so it could come back 1 in 50,000 and you still could be 'the one'. Only the invasive test gives you a definite answer but they come with risks too....Lorraine, I don't know what I would do in your position, think I'd be tempted to leave the invasive tests and have a detailed scan done to look for markers...they can see so much on the scans these days! Having said that, I am going to have a decision to make if I get high risk results....pregnancy is not easy is it!! xxx

  • It's defo a nightmare decision! I think the midwife said for my age it's a 1 in 700+ chance so I think I might just settle for those odds, I don't think I would do anything if it did come back high risk, surely it can't get much worse than the shock of twins ha-ha, think I'll just take whatever I've been blessed withimage

  • Ah glad to hear all went well with your scan babe33 image countdown to the big one in a few weeks now! Im excited to get the date through the post! x
  • I am glad that things seem to be going well for our group. Congrats to all.

    Well, we haven't heard anything following on from our scan, so I guess we have not been put on the high risk level, which I am very pleased about!

    We have our next midwife apt at the end of Nov - must remember to pee in the pot before she arrives!

    Anyone decided about antenatal classes?

    And has anyone bought anything yet?

  • I was told that I would hear by friday if my results were high risk.....not heard anything yet so fingers crossed all is ok (unless I get a call tomorrow but looking good so far!).

    I have got a consultant appointment on monday due to my previous c section....need to discuss possible birth plans! Then midwife again at the end of the month...I don't remember having so many appointments last time lol!

    We haven't bought anything yet but we have most of what we need already. We plan to find out what we're having at our 20 week scan....if its a boy this time we can start buying boy stuff !!

    Glad everyone is doing ok and scans are showing lots of healthy May babies! xxx

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