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I'm back....

Hi ladies, sorry I havent been on in weeks, the morning sickness ramped up big time and I havent been able to do anything!! Have felt utterly dreadful image I've got my scan date of 14th Nov (day before my eldest turns 4!!) and we've had to tell our parents as I couldnt hide it - none of them are exactly happy with us image Feeling rather down at the minute but wont bore you. I'll try and be around a bit more from now on. I'm 11+2 now and slowly starting to feel human again though still feeling incredibly sick most days. How is everyone else doing? xx


  • Hiya! Thats what we are all here for.. to whinge at each other and get us through these nine months image


    PM me if you need a chat xx

  • Hi garfield, sorry to her you've been feeling so rubbish image it will probably do you good to be back on here and chatting to us image hope the sickness starts to lift soon now you're approaching the 12 week mark. Take care hun xx
  • Hello and welcome back...sometimes you just need a time out! Come and whinge as much as you like.

    I currently have the headache from hell - lying on the sofa trying to get rid of it! Had to cancel seeing a friend as I could't get out the door!

  • Thanks ladies. We went away on holiday last week and I felt great - in the Welsh countryside and no morning sickness!! But now I'm back home it turns out my new dining room table is what is making me sick. Random I know, but with it being new it smells image

    Nothing I can do about it though. We're trying to sell our house so I keep having to get ready for viewings and my almost 4 year old is really pushing the boundaries at the minute. So I'm struggling!! And that's just the tip of the ice berg at the minute. So feeling incredibly stressed out, I'm not sleeping, and because of the stress I'm worrying about the scan and have semi-persuaded myself that I've lost another one image I'm being stupid I know, just can't shake this feeling of dread.

    Sure you want my moans now?!?! Lol. Claire I really hope your headache goes away soon image pregnancy is hard!! Xxx
  • Know how you feel. Think your baby is due same time as mine, 27th May. Got my scan next week and keep convincing myself its not there even though i have a proper bump now. Just want the days to hurry up so i can relax. Not sleeping well either!!  I do'tknow how you are coping with keep tidying the house, i can't seem to get ontop of it at the mo. I do some, then have to rest in between. Nightmare, am always tired and hungry.image

  • Well what a day!!! Carried a bucket round with me while I tidied the house (so glamorous!!) Had a viewing at 2, then at 5 had a call to say they'd made an offer but the agent was trying to bump them up a bit. Had another viewing at 5:15 (waste of time), and literally as she was leaving the agent rang to say he'd bumped them up so we accepted!!! image Trying not to get too ahead of myself as we've already had one sale fall through, but fingers are crossed tightly!! Trouble is I cant find anything I want to buy!! lol.

    Bambino, I'm due 26th image though mw thinks 29th. My dates never match up to my scan though so we'll see! What day is your scan?

  • Ahh Garfield24sBoys why parents not happy with you? For keeping it from them for a bit? Surely that's up to you. I don't get on with mother in law, she's the most evil person I know. It's going to be hard to have her in my babies life.. In fact the whole family are odd. Hope the house sale goes ok.. Try to relax.... Xx
  • They understand me keeping it from them, we had an mmc with our second pregnancy and only found out at the scan, so we kept our third pregnancy a secret until the scan, so they get that. I had a very traumatic birth with my second son - he was 10 lb 15, and although was meant to be an emergency c section he decided to come anyway and got stuck; they tore my pelvic ligaments and broke his shoulder to get him out. He had the cord round his neck and came our purple, and we thought we'd lost him. He was rushed from the room and I thought that was it. Unfortunately I started bleeding out and they almost lost me too. So when I still said I wanted a third baby my mam just laughed at me, which hurt. But they will take extra care of me this time, I'm fully healed after months of physio and chiropractors seeing to me, and will have extra growth scans, can have an elective section if I want one, and they will induce me early if there is any chance I am having another big baby. My mam is one of 3 kids and she had 3 kids herself, so claims that I wont be able to cope with a third. But I raise my two single handedly through the week with no help from anyone else (hubby works away hence us moving to be closer to him) and yes its hard and stressful but I never ask her for help so I don't get why she can't just be happy for us. Or at least pretend to be. Sorry I know I'm going off on one, she's just really upset me about it. Its taken my sister 4 days to even mention the baby to me, though when she did she said congrats, but I havent heard anything from my stepmum and my dad just keeps changing the subject!! Not impressed with them!! image

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