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Anyone feel regular movement??

Hi Ladies hope your all well image


Is anyone feeling any real regular movement yet? I have been feeling flutters since about 10 weeks but nothing regular ..i just want to be able to feel proper kicks now for reassurance!! image



  • Yep, since 10+6 ...I love it!!

    I can feel them at least once an hour.
  • I havent and Im starting to worry image

    Felt a few flutters but Im sure its just wind! x

  • I feel flutters, and they are getting stronger but only feel them at end of the day when I'm almost asleep. Can't wait for them to get stronger image x
  • I'm 13 weeks and I haven't felt anything, all is ok, had my scan last week and saw it wriggling image it's not unusual to not feel anything as its only the size of a peach or something, I wouldn't worry yet!!
  • Can I ask: Are you ladies pregnant for the first time or not? I'm 16+2 today with my first and I really don't think I've felt a thing!

    I'm trying not to worry as baby had a very strong heart beat at 13 week scan and I was told I probably wouldn't feel it until 17 weeks as 1. Your tummy muscles are quite tight, so its like banging against a drum and 2. I won't know what I'm feeling to begin with.

    I have had a very uneven bump the last few days so as least feel reassured the baby must have moved around. x

  • It's my first baby and I've not felt a thing!!! Awww do you have a bump at 16 weeks?? I can't wait to get one image
  • Yes, my friends at work keep commenting on it now image Although when I lay down its pretty much gone! I don't get as bloated anymore so now I know its baby image

  • When did you start to show??? My stomach has got a bit bigger but that's probably because I've put on half a stone lol
  • I've put on half a stone now too. I was out of my normal clothes by six weeks, although that was just down to bloating rather than baby bump, I looked 6 months gone by 4pm everyday!! haha! I think I've only really started to show properly this week. I can't wait to feel it move!

  • Ooooh I hope I'm showing by then image I heard that I'm average people feel the baby move by week 20 so I'm sure everything is ok!
  • No this is my 3rd ,i didnt feel my first till 23 weeks!! I dont feel it once an hour but probably a few times a day ...and mostly when im lying down too ...i have a pot belly without being pregnant so its hard to tell!! lol xx


  • I was just coming on to post about this very subject! I'm pretty sure I felt movement for the first time today! It felt just the same as when I was pregnant with dd but just not as strong. Think I was about 21 weeks when first felt it last time so I thought it might be a bit soon but obviously not as a lot of you are feeling baby too! image can't wait to feel it again eek! x
  • i was 15 weeks when i felt first flutters with dd.  Only 12+4 at the mo but sure i have felt some movement for a couple of weeks now.  Cant wait until it gets stronger.  Being kicked in the stomach from the inside is the best feeling EVER.

  • Yay! I felt the baby move this morning for the first time. I was on the bus but it definitely felt like a little flutter of bubbles.... I can't wait to feel it again image  I'm 16+5 today xx

  • I'm starting to get a little bit worried as I don't think I've felt my twins moving yet, I'm 17+2 but thought since there is 2 of them I would be feeling them regular now, they found 1 heartbeat at my 16 week check but said if she trird to find the other 1 she'd probably just end up finding the same 1 again, does anybody think I should ask about it?????

  • I'm 15+2 with one baby and still don't think I've felt anything either...
  • After initially thinking I felt baby moving a few wks ago I'm not so sure now as it seems it was either a one off or wind!! Not felt any definite movement however I do have an anterior placenta and this can cushion it so not felt as early. Hoping it will start soon now baby is getting bigger image not sure about the Doppler situation with twins...maybe post in pregnancy forum for others with twins to see & give you their experiences? x
  • Having read my book, I think I have felt bubbles or flutterings, nothing more though.

    Had a midwife apt yesterday and heard the heartbeat again! Did not like the midwife though....she wasn't the normal one. Going re-arrange my next apt so I can have the nice one again!

    Got our 20 week on the 18th of Dec - super excited! hope we can find out if it is a boy or a girl!

  • I've definitely felt something now, it's happened twice, like something is prodding me rapidly and gently from the inside!!
  • Sid89 - that is great news! Nice to hear that others are feeling little things!

    It will be nice when we all start getting kicks etc....

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