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Telling DD the good news

We had our 12 week scan on Tuesday and all looks fine so we are going to tell our parents on Sunday.  We are going to tell dd on Sunday morning first but i'm not sure how to go about it.  She is 4 and really wants a brother or sister so i am sure she will be over the moon but i just dont know what to say to make it really special.  has anyone else told their young children yet?


  • Yes i told both of mine who are 6 and 3 after the scan. I sat them down and handed them the picture and then asked what they thought it was image

  • Well, we told dd this afternoon.  Showed her the scan picture and she guessed it was her cousin then she thought it was her then she went through loads of other people and finally said "well who is it then?"  i smiled and pointed to my tummy and she just lit up and started jumping around saying i'm going to be a sister!!!.  She is SOOOO happy and we are thrilled.  Going to tell our parents tomorrow.  Cant wait.

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