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Scan, names and all things baby

Hi everyone, so just joined. Promised I'd stay off the Internet as know I was pregnant since about 3/4 wks after conception and every little twinge or symptom I worried about as this is my first, but I want to talk to people who are at a similar stage to me and due may 2013. I'm due 15th May, had my scan Tuesday at 13w6d the baby looked huge and soooo cute, she (I think it's a girl) was laying on her tummy and wouldn't shift do had to do a little jig on the bed to get her to turn round, she did for about 30 seconds played with her toes kicked me and went back to sleep on her tummy, think I have a right little madam in there!!?? Good luck and congratulations to all the expecting mummies out there image X


  • Helloooo!!!! I'm due on the 20th of may!!! First baby for me!!! I was shocked to see how much they wiggle during my scan image was so cute!!!
  • Hi, I am due on 24th May with my second baby - its nice to get other peoples opinion on twinges, symptoms, and everything else baby related! Xx
  • Hi Im due on the 11th of may image Got my midwife appt this week to listen to the heart beat image I still dont feel like its really real!! lol x


  • I know, I'm the same lol!!! I keep forgetting that I am actually pregnant!!
  • Hi! I'm expecting baby number 2 and due 11th May!  I also keep forgetting I'm pregnant,apart from while getting dressed in a morning and none of my jeans or bras fit lol!!  Really must go shopping for some maternity clothes!

  • I know!!!! I feel like such a blob!!! I almost feel guilty for putting on weight (although I have probably put on 4 more pounds then I should have)! I can't wait to have a proper bump instead of just looking overweight lol
  • Me too - at least I am now 16 weeks - so I can tell people I am not just fat! image

    We have our 20 week scan in the middle of december and a meeting with the midwife in a couple of weeks!

    Anyone recommend where to get some smart maternity trousers?

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