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Anyone know the gender of their baby?

Yep .. Im 17+1 and Im having a little boy image



  • I don't find out until January!!!
  • I am planning on finding 20 week scan should be around christmas.....waiting for my appointment letter! x


  • I have my 20 week scan on the 21st of December dying to know if its blue or pink! I'd love a girl since I already have a boy image
  • I think if we can find out, we will.

    Hubby is too excited and I think he might pop if he doesn't find out!

  • yep....!!! its a baby boy for me....(20 weeks)

  • How exciting for you Sweet Love - have you bought anything now? Are you due in May or April?

    We've got to wait two weeks for our 20 week scan to find out!

  • Quite a few people due around the same time as me are having boys! I want a girl so bad but I'd be happy with either x
  • I thought I wanted a boy but now im not fussed either way, I have a really strong feeling its a girl though for some reason but I dont know why!

  • Sid89 - me too on the boy thing, but I actually don't mind. Just want a little healthy baby.

    Anyone else know pink or blue?

  • Sid89 I always wanted a boy so convinced myself it was a girl - he was a boy! Did the same the second time as well, even thought I saw boys bits on the scan but again convinced myself it was a girl and was wrong! Hehe. I'm useless. This time I really don't mind but we're staying team yellow. I think it might be a girl this time.... again! lol

  • Thanks claire...!!  I'm still confused what to buy and what not.... !! I mean some of my friends told me that we can buy some stuff after his birth...!! i'm due in april... and how about urs?? grl or a boy???

  • I'm due in early to mid May and we found out a week ago!

    IT'S A BOY!!! No doubt about it... we could see everything!

  • We do is a boy as well. Although, I had to be shown his little man bits! : )

    We don't have to go for anymore scans either! Getting excited now!

  • We had our scan today and its a boy!! image Seem to be a lot of boys due in May! xx

  • I had my scan today as well and it's another boy for me too lol!
  • Congrats on your scans everyone, I'm staying team yellow but secretly hoping I get 2 more boys x x

  • My scans on the 3rd of Jan!! Can't wait image
  • Oh no Lucky, star & clover you broke the boy chain, I really hope I get 2 boys, Don't mind 1 girl but if girls turn out anything like my 3 neices I'm in for a very hard time, not 2 worry as long as they're both haelthy that's all that matters, congrats on your double pink bump x x image

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