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Flu jab

Hi girls keep worrying about the flu jab whether to have it done or not? Has anyone else had it done and has there been any side effects? I'm 15 weeks pregnant, what shall I do x


  • Any advice on the flu jab pllllllleeeaaasssee x
  • Hi please can somebody reply I've got the flu jab tommorow not sure whether to have it or not?. X
  • I had it, the NHS recommend to have it in pregnancy, there is no evidence to suggest its unsafe image
  • Hi I had it and no side effects at all x

  • Hi guys, I had the flu jab when I was around 7 weeks pregnant (this is my 2nd) and had no side effects whatsoever. I would strongly recommend the jab for pregnant woman- I had Swine Flu at 37 wks during my 1st pregnancy (after refusing the flu jab!) and was in a coma and on a ventilator in Intensive Care for 8 days. Our beautiful daughter was delivered by c-section while I was asleep and I finally met her when she was 10 days old. I've been told by my consultant that they cannot guarantee that having the flu jab will prevent us from catching flu, but it dramatically reduces the risk. Sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching! At the end of the day everyone should make their own choice, and feel comfortable with that decision- I just don't want any of you to go through what we went through xx
  • I have decided at the moment not to have it . For a couple of reasons really 1- I had it at 16 and I up to that point had never had tonsillitis and this triggered it and I was ill for weeks!! And 2- I've just started a new job and can't afford to take any more time off ill at the moment ... I will have it but probably not till later on after Xmas perhaps x
  • We had it....only because my sister is an intensive care nurse and she said there were too many pregnant ladies who ended up in ITU with is entirely a personal choice though!

    Going to request Whooping cough one too....

  • I had it at 8 weeks and had no side effects! I wasn't offered it while pregnant with my first and I got swine flu when I was 18 weeks which was horrendous! I was so poorly I couldn't get out of bed for 3 weeks and it took another 2 weeks to completey recover. Luckily I managed to battle through it and didn't end up in hospital,I had about 5 weeks off work....never again!!

    Good Luck with your decision! xx

  • I had it yesterday and so far no side effects except for a sore arm! Xxx
  • I had it when I was only 5 weeks and other than feeling a bit off for a few days I have been fine x
  • Agree with the sore arm....fine now though!

  • Hi guys thanks for all the replies I spoke to the nurse andshe reassured me and I had it done a few days ago, really pleased I did and feel ok so far, I understand its the best thing to do for me and baby, cheers guys x x x
  • Bertie1 - glad you felt re-assured about having it.

    Is everyone going to get the Whooping Cough vaccine after 28 weeks?

    My husband got his flu jab today - just so he doesn't miss out!

  • After reading just this morning that 3 babies died from whooping cough last month I think I'll defo have it, was in 2 minds but better to be safe than sorry x x

  • oh I know me too!!! its gone up from approx 1000 sufferers last year to 7000ish this year!!!

  • I'm going to get the Whooping cough one - for sure - my midwife said this was only after 28 weeks, so a little way to go!

    At the end of the day, is it personal preference, but I am reassured I have had it x

  • I'm getting the whooping cough one done for sure xxx
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