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Is anyone showing yet??? It's my first baby and I'm sure I have a little bump under my not so flattering layer of fat!! I'm 14 and a half weeks... I know it's probably a bit early to show!


  • I'm showing big time! This is my second....I'm almost 16 weeks and have a definite bump! Didn't start to show with my first until about 18 weeks but everyone keeps telling me its normal to show earlier with your second! I am going to be huge by the time May arrives lol! xx

  • Oooh how exciting!!!! I did hear that bumps don't often show for quite a long time in first pregnancies but I'm sure I have a little one image congrats on your pregnancy
  • Everyone is different...I had a friend who showed at 10 weeks in her first pregnancy...not a big bump but she defo had a pot belly lol!! So its defo not too early to show... be proud of your little bump....we'll be feeling our bubs move before we know it image

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